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for Shiloh Sophia’s Art & Workshops

Shiloh McCloud is a fiercely committed warrior of the spirit. She and her work are illuminated, inspired and of the highest integrity. The Cosmic Cowgirls are revolutionary paradigm shifters and my work with Shiloh and The Cosmic Cowgirls has been immensely energizing, rewarding and awakening. My highest recommendation goes to Shiloh McCloud and The Cosmic Cowgirls!
– SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) PlanetSARK.com

A wild rebel, edge walker and poet with a paintbrush, Artist Shiloh Sophia has built a movement of intentional creativity around the premise that women sourcing an image of the divine feminine within is some of the most radical work that can be done. Her teachings bring women to the canvas to alchemize, potentize and create the legends they want to live. Hers is a world that embraces contradiction, is about living wide awake with an open heart, steers away from demonizing and into designing- as in, intentional design.

Shiloh has fostered a community of cosmic cowgirls, women who are liberating themselves and others through their creative expression. Her ability to hold paradox and still proclaim her place, be inclusive and take a stand, is rare and inspiring. An artist with a tremendous lineage, she is beyond committed to the power of intentional creativity to create social change (words that might actually be too mundane for her!) and generously shares her work to ensure it can reach those with trauma, in other countries, who are incarcerated, we could go on and on.

An activist, a woman of faith, and a serial Creatrix, Shiloh contributes beauty, inquiry and the powerful invitation to pick up your brush and enter a portal that you will exit as a slightly different person, if you are willing to risk a little.
Shannon Thompson, Shakti Rising

Shiloh is a heart-centered visionary, inspiring women to blaze their path through creative expression and passionate commitment to their dreams.
Marc Allen, Founder of New World Library

Trusting in Divine Abundance” is in my bedroom where I see it every morning as I open my eyes and every evening as I get ready to enter the dreamtime. I fell in love with this painting because it feels so alive, celebratory, and filled with warmth and awe. No matter what mood I am in, spending a few moments with this painting melts away any negativity and fills me with gratitude and a huge inner smile. She has the sun within her. Her gaze up toward Spirit and those juicy fruit remind me how blessed and fragrant life is. I loved the cat snuggled in her arms. One month after purchasing this, my wonderful 17 year old cat who had been ill made his transition. I feel his loving presence and hear him purring as I look at this art. Shiloh Sophia is an amazing artist who truly creates living art: you can feel the passion, the beauty, the aliveness and the sacredness in all her artwork and I feel blessed to have this painting in my life.
Havi Mandell

Painting has opened up the access to my soul, and all that has been trapped underground is now rising.
– Flora Aube


TinaGreeneCrucibleThe Crucible GOLD program was a real turning point for me.  I loved taking my inquiry to the canvas, allowing myself to be fully in the mystery and following wherever  the painting process took me.  Within days of arriving home and living with my painting, I realized it showed the large wheel of an ocean-going vessel and what it wanted me to add (not yet done) was the sextant symbol – a navigation tool used by ancient mariners that relied on the north star and the horizon to show them their path.  My north star is my heart. And I am always moving towards the horizon, trusting in my heart to lead me where I need to go.  Wow.  Thank you dear Shiloh for this incredible gift.  I am more confident now that I am doing the work my heart calls me to do.
Tina Greene

SydneyBrownCrucibleI will try my best to put into words my experience with Shiloh and The Crucible. First of all, I have to thank you because you are the one who kept me encouraged. As promised, I was not disappointed.

The 3 day experience was beyond my imagination & comprehension and continues to unfold in such a deep spiritual way that has yet to show itself tangibly.  But I know the experience is still working me… the process is still churning inside of me and likely will continue for some time. I know with certainty that my next step will be revealed at the perfect time. If I had the resources I would be attending every live event Shiloh offers in order to stay connected to her powerful vibe. I have never attended anything remotely close to what I experienced with Shiloh. I was surrounded by the most astounding artists and yet I felt completely safe & nurtured in my novice expression. As Shiloh says, but stated in my own words, this process is not about painting proficiency it’s about revealing what’s been hidden inside of me. My painting hangs on my wall as an ongoing reminder of the power of art as a lense to my soul.

I am forever grateful for the experience and for the opportunity to be a part of the most powerful community of women I know. In great love and blessings.
– Sydney Brown

crucible-marymccrystalThe Golden Crucible was an incredibly transformative and informative encounter with Intention Creativity. Through this  powerful conversation with the alchemy of the quantum field I was able to create a map of my work, The Healers Codex. Embedded in this painting is wisdom that transcends the personal ego and  opens a portal to higher wisdom. This experience with Shiloh and the women she gathered was truly inspiring.
~ Mary McCrystal


Creative Inspiration

Each event, workshop, or encounter with you and our Cosmic Cowgirls community is like a little infusion of courage that brings me one step farther along the road to authentically “knowing” who I am and being willing to share that with others…..I read recently that we don’t really transform….but just become more of who we truly are.
Elizabeth Gibbons  enchantedeye.net

Shiloh, you are a torch in the darkness, lighting the path; and the darkness of the in between where the magic lives, beyond the fear that rises when we become lost. You are the beginning and the end, the sword of truth and the great mother’s loving embrace. I love you. your friendship is a treasure and a gift.
– Shannon Thompson

When I read your Red Thread Letters, I feel you wrote those words to me. Taking your courses is what I feel has been the thread of hope for me. I am following the thread out of the cave back into the sunlight. I have studied with a lot of teachers over the years and when I heard your voice, I felt that I had come home. You spoke my language, you knew pain and heartache, joy and ecstasy. I knew it. I feel that you are truly a “sister” who has been through it, a sister who does not judge. “Ah…strength with compassion!
~ D. from the UK

You are a light in my storm a kind word in a harsh world, every time I open one of your letters my load is lifted. I am grateful and I look forward to one day hooking up with your magical invitations but for the mean time I send love blessings hope joy and gratitude for you sharing of your heart and soul.
~ Sister Jessie

Shiloh Sophia McCloud has an uncanny understanding of the the heart and soul of a woman was able to provide me with the toolbox, using right and left brain creative practices, to discover what really matters to me.  She is, at the same time, both reverent and irreverent and adds bright sparkle to the room, while teaching us to do the same!  Being with Shiloh is a magical experience each and every time, so I spend time with her often.

~ Shero Canada

You are my personal shero and the one who is making me rise to a higher level personally.
~ J.L.

Your passion for helping women connect and transform to be their best, truest selves is one of your shining gifts benefiting us all.
~ Lois Wong

Thank You so much Rev. Shiloh. What you share with us is life for Artist. I just received your Her Evolution, It blew my mind, woke me up, fed my spirit. It energized me I stayed up for two days straight working on this journal, wow! Thank you again. Be Blessed.
~ Rene Patton

It has been 2 years since that incredible day I spent with you and all those lovely ladies in Healdsburg. I often think back to the defining moment as we sat around the circular table for lunch and each woman in turn spoke to the importance of me writing a children’s book. And what a journey it has been to arrive at the finished product (well almost). I would like to take this moment to acknowledge your hand and heart in bringing this book out into the world. You and your work are truly inspirational and I thank you for all that you offer. The galley copies of my book “Lotus and the Golden Pearl” will be ready in about a month and I am wondering if I could send you a copy. I would love for you to be one of the first people to read it and if you like it maybe you could write an endorsement for the book (though not necessary). Please let me have an address where I can send the book. With Love and Gratitude.
~ Libby

Shiloh is a woman of great faith and rich insight. Her work offers a very useful tool to help us on our path.
~ Richard N. Bolles, Author, “What Color Is Your Parachute”?

You are POWER and LIGHT, a beacon that guides us to fulfillment and happiness!
~ S.W.


You truly are an inspiration to me! I’m in the process of working on the workbook I got and I just can’t get enough of it.
~ Carmelina Huerta-Grant

I love Shiloh McCloud’s Color of Woman Journals! They bring out the creativity in me. The thick pages allow me to use any medium my heart desires. They are great fun and I am still coloring!
~ Louise L. Hay, Author: “You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women”

A wonder creative sanctuary designed to inspire a spiritual journal. Filled with 30 beautiful images, each of which holds the image of woman as Creator. 120 thick pages, so almost any medium can be used. A space to play, dream, heal, pray and create. I was so excited I wanted to jump right in and color.
~ Feminist Bookstore News

Using her own images and words, Shiloh inspires us to find our own voice, the artist that lives within. This work encourages us to live out loud!
~ Rose Offner, Author: “Journal to the Soul & Journal for the Soul of Teenagers”

First I want to share that I am in love with my journal!!! It is a deep and amazing space for me to process, heal, collect precious “heart speak” from old journals and create imagery with materials I haven’t used before! What a gift this work you do is!!!
~ Carmit Bat-Shalom, Musician

I bought “Her Evolution” as a gift for Christmas! She is going to love it. Two friends and I bought our “Her Evolution” journals over the summer in your Mendocino gallery. I have been having so much fun pasting lots of wonderful things into mine. I was just describing to my boyfriend how it feels to be keeping a sacred record of myself. It feels, for me, similar to that excitement when all of my friends from high school sign your yearbook with sweet words at the end of senior year. But, now the sweetness is from me and for me! I love writing, scrap booking and creating art with positive intentions for myself, my soul. This practice in “Her Evolution” has caused a major shift in my journey of worthiness and self-love. Thank you for being such a contribution to my life. Your words and art is breathtaking. Much gratitude, loving and trusting.
~ Megan O’Brien, Cafe Gratitude

Awakening the Artist

Thank you, Shiloh, for all that you have taught me about painting, life & so much more. I am the artist that I am today because of your support & wisdom. Without you, I never would have been able to paint this or live the lifestyle that I’m now living. You’re an angel! ♥
~ Susan Risse

Growing up, my creative expression was not always appreciated and encouraged. My own beliefs about this have held me back from really being the artist I long to be. This mentorship has taught me what a price my soul has paid for denying the creative energy that flows so freely through me. My intention this morning is to rid myself of these old beliefs that do not serve me. I want to clear them away to make room for what will come. What a blessing to be here. Thank you for all that you have taught me and for being so generous with your heart.
~ Tamara Empero, Author: “Leading A Legendary Life On-Line Course”

I am sitting in my studio for the first time, ready to paint after not painting for 4 years. I went to your page and you inspired me. I felt the color and love of your palette. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and to let you know that our red threads go out into places when we aren’t aware of it. I am going to mix my palette, now.
~ M.D

Our search for the divine feminine begins in our own lives. Color of Woman Journals will escort you to the deep places within you…She will be found there.
~ Patricia Lynn Reilly, Author: “A God Who Looks Like Me, Be Full of Yourself and Imagine A Woman”

I am writing to you to thank you for your amazing journal/coloring book, Her Evolution. I got it as a gift from my mother, and have spent the last 6 months using it to process and reflect upon all the changes that have recently occurred in my life.  My husband is currently serving in the military over in Iraq, and we moved to Jacksonville, NC back in February with just enough time to find an apartment and then say goodbye. My whole family is in California, so when my husband left, I felt so many emotions and had nothing to do but cry and pray for his safe return.

My mom gave me your book as a gift, and from the first stroke of colored pencil on the first page I chose to work on, I honestly felt a sense of my emotions being released onto the page. I brought the book back with me to North Carolina, where I began a nightly tradition of coloring and listening to music. The black and white pages started to fill with color, and  my once worried mind became clear as I told my story on paper. I included poems, quotes, song lyrics, and bible verses to the pages, and created a sort of memoir that documented the transformation from a woman who was worried and lonely, to one who now has more faith, hope, and light than I did before my husband left.   

I hope my story inspires you to continue creating such wonderful art, and that I have reminded you that you are touching the lives of more people than you know. My mother is so intuitive and she always knows what my soul is needing – and I am so grateful that she gave me your book. My husband will be home in 14 days, and I am so excited to show him the artwork I created in your book. But i am especially proud to show him the strong, positive, faithful woman I have become while he was gone. Thank you again, and may God bless you in all your adventures.
~ Kelly Crittenden

I love your frankness of your journey in the journals that you have created.  I think it helps release many women of the shame that they might feel because of the struggle that they go thru.  I also believe that your journals help women put words to what they are experiencing on their inner journey & then thru the art can emerge thru the pain & the grief that they hold so deep inside. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the incredible work that you do.
– Anon

Artwork and Commissions

Some Emotions about Shiloh’s Artwork

I love the boldness and realistic magic of Shiloh’s painting. Wonderful to have this younger woman artist as colleague, “daughter”, sister, and friend.
Alice Walker

So Shiloh I must share with you that last Sunday the first Sunday in Advent, I invited people to go and meditate in front of one of your paintings.  I modeled the invitation and sat in front of the one where Mary is actually nursing Jesus.  I have been with that painting for the last 8 months and suddenly I got the full impact of the message.  The milk of love and peace is coming out of the Mother’s breast into Jesus’s mouth and spirals up to his 3rd eye and out to the world.  Suddenly I felt that I was receiving the full impact of that sweet Cosmic milk.  This wasn’t a conceptual intellectual “aha” this was a felt sense full body awe awakening.   I got so happy, so joyous and a dance sprung out of me without effort.  So once again thank you, all of your paintings are still up in the sanctuary enjoyed by those who come to our weekly Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Trapeze, Dance, and of course our congregation.   So on behalf of Fairfax Community Church, I thank you for giving birth to these amazing paintings that grace our sanctuary.  Also gratitude to Jonathan for hanging them last March!
– Rev. Katharine Harts, Pastor, Fairfax COMMUNITY Church

My name is Jimmy and I recently purchased your “Eye on the World.” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for creating such a beautiful piece of art. I could go on forever about it, but I’ll be brief.  Amazing. Someday I hope to meet you and ask you a few questions about the piece. There is so much to it. I have always enjoyed art and I hoped someday to own a piece, and this is my first original. Anyway, thanks again.
– Jimmy, Northern California

I came across your amazing artwork by noticing the beautiful cover of the Feb. ’09 Natural Awakenings magazine. Soon after, I searched your website and viewed an interview of you on YouTube. I am beyond impressed with your immense talent, your love of art, your passion for helping people through creativity, and simply your kind and peaceful presence!
– M.D., New York

How wonderful!!! My husband was so taken by this painting that he couldn’t stop thinking about it. It is very unusual for him to have such a strong reaction to art, so we knew She was important and needed to come home with us. I am familiar with your other works and books; it was such an honor to be in your gallery.
– Kimberly Cress

To truly love you must open yourself to all of life’s pleasures and disappointments. Without both of these emotions life is meaningless. In the “Generous Soul” I see a woman who has lived and carries that wisdom in her heart. The piece is perfect in more ways then you will ever know. Thank you for the inspiration to live, as one should, completely alive and compassionate in nature. I promise to live my life as a reflection of this piece.
– Christine Gilb

I am learning on a daily basis how if I am willing & open to going into the depths of my feelings & experiences, that I emerge on the other side more solid, more whole, more at peace.  Your work personifies that & I thank you for that.  Your work has been a part of this process of discovery for me.  Your work resonates down into my soul.  As it has with a dear friend of mine.

Gallery Experiences

I walked into the gallery where your pieces were hung and I have never in my life been moved by art until that moment. I have heard people talk about how pieces of art move them and I had always hoped I would experience this…..and I have with your work. THANK YOU!!
– L. Woodward

From age 14 I have known the power Shiloh’s work possesses. I was gifted my first painting and since then I have continued to collect her work. I now own 6 works of art and will continue to collect for as long as she wants to paint.
Esmi Rennick, 21 years old


Inspiration to other Artists

Just a happy note to let you know how much I enjoyed your web page. My friend recently visited and viewed your work in Mendocino and said she couldn’t wait to tell me all about it. My personal art style is very similar to yours. When I visited your web page I was moved by the beautiful colors and whimsical strokes that seem to illuminate from your work. Because art is a healing outlet for me I felt a lot of emotion when viewing your pieces. The spirituality in your art shines like a beacon offering strength and hope and everything else that seems to reassure women. As a 25 year old female, struggling to find myself and some meaning in a sometimes very critical world, it’s art like yours that helps keep my heart full of love… for myself and for others. Thank you for sharing your gift to the world. Small things with great love seem to have a beautiful ripple effect.

Oh my! I just love you and your magical poetic writing. I need to tell you a truth: You have changed my life around. And I have once again begun to create. I have a new set of tubes of watercolors. I don’t know how to use them yet but can’t wait to get started. Thank you for your emails, your wonderful art journal that I use, your poetry that has inspired me to write more, and my life. It was art that has pulled me out of my miserable existence up from the depths of 5 suicide attempts. I now have truth to live by and art to hold me together. Thank you.
– LW

VIP Days

It worked! I am inspired and “on fire” about my business from our day together. Thank you for your gentle guidance, for believing in me and for helping me see my full potential and power. I loved the flow of our day, especially the nap. And, lunch was outstanding. Thank you so much for the treat.
Tonia Lach, Teacher & Massage Therapist

One on One Coaching

Shiloh is a master at taking the ideas in your head and getting them onto paper so that they literally breathe life. Shiloh could ignite the creative spark in anyone – I’ve witnessed it myself as she has guided me and challenged me into creative expression that I always knew I had but didn’t have the road to get to. Spending time with Shiloh at her Red Thread Cafe not only births beautiful art, it is the place where your great work in the world becomes real and tangible in a form that people can connect to and interact with. She creates beautiful form like no one I know and has the ability to inspire it right out of you too!
– Christine Arylo, author of Choosing ME before WE and the upcoming Madly in Love With ME
(birthed at the Red Thread Cafe)

As a coach myself, I knew on an intellectual level that coaching is a key element to success. But on a personal level, I had never taken the time out to be coached. Deciding to engage Shiloh as MY coach is one of the resoundingly positive decisions of my life! Her get-it-done method of coaching, combined with her ability to envision my success has made it possible for me to make enormous strides towards turning my passions into an encore career.  Thank you, Shiloh, from the bottom of my heart!!!
– Nancy Harris

Shiloh helped me clarify what has been in my heart and on my mind for a very long time. I am transitioning in my career and life and had not been able to pinpoint the exact issues to be resolved or the directions I needed to take to move forward. Shiloh gave me relevant “homework” to help guide me towards finding answers. She listened with her heart and heard between the words what was in my heart. I felt empowered, challenged, and supported and I look forward to working with her more to unravel the steps leading to the next evolution of me.
Marie Howell, Artist

Shiloh is a goddess send. A severe tragedy entered my life. I was once very creative and never thought those divine doors would open for me again, then along came Shiloh McCloud, she is showing me the way back to the path as it unfolds day by day, I feel so blessed to have found her. Working with her is joyful and powerful on many levels. My life is turning around and so much of it has to do with her, she is great at bringing the focus back to what is truly important. Blessings.
Maria Graham


Teaching and Workshops

Color of Woman

Not another moment can pass without expressing my deepest gratitude for the beautiful, sacred space you created during our time together in Firenze.  This experience truly was a catalyst in listening (and trusting) my inner wisdom and allowing my Artist Within to emerge without fear with the support of you and our lovely group of women. It was amazing! YOU are amazing!! I truly appreciated the space, nurturing and support you gave to all allowing each of us to experience our Artist’s path individually.  Thank you!

All the time and effort you both put into making our experience be phenomenal and life changing did not go unnoticed.  I am so grateful to have felt the Red Thread ‘tug’ relative to our paths crossing and saying, “Yes!”.  You have made it possible to follow my Soul’s purpose, which will facilitate serving others and making a difference in our precious World.

You motivate and inspire more than you realize! Know that you are forever cherished and appreciated for ALL you do. Sending blessings, love and heartfelt gratitude,
Tina Gain, Color of Woman 2016

Color of Woman with Shiloh Sophia McCloud was the most profound transformational experience of my life. After exploring many art and life trainings,  I believe that Color of Woman is the best business and life training available in the world today.  As well as being a deeply enriching experience,  Shiloh’s method of Intentional Creativity has given me an on going relationship with my creative spirit as well as exceptional skills in painting, teaching and marketing. Through Color of Woman I am able to integrate myself into my own life in the fullest way imaginable. As well as being a deeply enriching experience, I now have the training to teach this transformational  process, empowering women in my community and beyond.  

During Color of Woman training I sold my first painting, had my first one person art show, taught my first Color of Woman workshop and painted a body of work that I have for sale on-line. My music career is blossoming from Color of Woman training, as I perform with a slide show of my paintings on stage, while singing, at universities and cultural centers throughout the country. I have also combined my Color of Woman painting workshops with my expertise in songwriting.  I highly recommend women from all walks of life and all ages, take this training.
Katie Ketchum M.A. (multi-dimensional artist, composer and writer- www.katieketchum.com)

You and your Color of Woman Teacher Training is changing my life in ways I could have never imagined before I started – your work creates miracles, and I am just one of many who have been completely transformed by the magic and beauty you so generously and willingly share with the world.
Naomi – Color of Woman Training

Instead of saying that I cannot believe it took me this long to find you, I will say that I am so GRATEFUL to have found each other!! The expression dial of my life just got turned up to MAX! So wonderful to share in your beauty. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you are!
Amy Johnson – Color of Woman Training

I decided to take the Color of Woman Class to continue to pursue my own painting career, and, at the same time, learn to teach Shiloh’s amazing method and share the blessings this work has given to me with others. I now identify myself proudly as an artist and visionary teacher of the painting method founded by Shiloh. The in person gatherings and the on-line support have brought a wonderful, amazing and supportive tribe of women into my life that I will cherish forever! Teaching the method is such a rewarding experience. I love to help women open to their own unique creative expression. Because the C.O.W. teaching is based on honoring the sacred feminine principles, our practice brings healing energy to everyone who is blessed to participate. My plan is to open an art studio this year, where I can paint and teach the C.O.W. method full time. I can never thank Shiloh enough for providing me with this incredible opportunity, and so openly her amazing gift and the business knowledge needed to bring my creative dreams to fruition.
– Lauren Mayer-Banks

The initial announcement i saw about Color of Woman sang a siren call to my soul. My rational self tried to resist, told me I was already too busy and lots of other reasons why I should wait and sign up another time. My soul was so right – DO NOT WAIT! Sign up now! Your life, your painting, your Self, will change beyond recognition, and you will love the process of metamorphosis! Shiloh and my sisters on this journey of awakening have supported me every step of the way, and have become my sisters for life. My painting has broken through to a new level, beyond what I ever anticipated it could be. The method that Shiloh offers to the world has become a part of me, of my sense of perception, and I have come to know intimately the creative and juicy parts of myself, my Muse. My right and left brains are working together, maybe for the first time ever! From this new place of attunement to my inner creativity, I am ready to move out into the world to share the gifts of joy in the creative process and the transformation that comes from stepping into my Artist self! Don’t wait, don’t doubt, just do it! Take the next step into becoming who you REALLY are – you will not regret it and you will never look back!  I’ll be on the journey with you, as I plan to sign up again – that’s how valuable this work has been for me!
Susan Rossi (www.soulworklab.com)

I have participated in many training groups of all sorts over the past 20 years, and The Color Of Woman sister tribe is beyond anything I have encountered. The commitment, care, and unending support for one another is a true heart connection that will last a lifetime. This has been an amazing blessing and joy in my life, and I am so grateful I said ‘Yes’ to this opportunity. It has ignited the passion that I had always yearned for. Thank you to YOU dear Shiloh! Not only do I GET IT (this work), I am learning so much from you about how to share this with others, and to bring forth a whole new WAY of healing and becoming conscious, AND combining it with beauty and the joy of creating! It doesn’t get any better than that! I love you Shiloh Sophia!
Flora Aube (flora-aube.fineartamerica.com)

The Color of Woman training was a catalyst for my transformation into a professional artist/writer/teacher I had been working on all of these areas for some time. But there was an expansive coming-together and self-knowledge of my creative and business presence that was triggered through Color of Woman that has brought me to a much deeper and more expansive level of work. There were many victories but the ones that are deeply significant to me are launching a new website/blog and being juried into a show at a fabulous local art gallery.
Marie Howell (letterfromgrandmotherbee.com)

The first time I painted with Shiloh I spent the entire weekend smiling and full of joy. I walked away wanting to live my life doing the kind of work Shiloh was doing. When the opportunity came to apply for the Color of Woman training, my heart filled out the form before my head had stopped rejoicing this course was being offered. The training is incredibly supportive on many levels and has enabled me to get myself out into the world with confidence, self honor, and integrity. My paintings are in art shows and workshops are underway and this is all due to Shiloh, Sue, Caron, and Mary’s amazing teachings.
Annette Wagner (www.annettewagnerart.com)

There simply are not the words to describe my heart-filled gratitude for Shiloh McCloud and the Color of Woman tribe. When the program began I was not sure if I’d fit and where my path was leading. In 4 short but tremendously exciting months I have completed 6 beautiful paintings, had a gallery opening, sold copies of paintings, created a website and led my own workshops. Shiloh is an expert at sharing knowledge, supporting women and creating a sacred container. On top of that, (I know, more?!) I met the most amazing group of women from all over the US who quickly became my soul sisters and provide support like no other.
Jessica Bowman (creativityandthedivinefeminine.com)

I am so grateful for all you have shared and are sharing, all you have taught and are teaching. I feel amazingly alive and loving embracing being an artist and you are the inspiration and catalyst and muse and art and soul teacher that is making all of this possible. I love you and the brightness and fullness of who you are.
Havi Mandell (Color of Woman teacher)

This Color of Woman journey has been and will continue to be, amazing.  The deep deep connections with this sister tribe, and Shiloh, Mary, Caron and Sue as our mentors/teachers/guides, is such a blessing.  I have found my heart/soul passion and thus, have found my true voice.  I will be sharing my own personal journey thru my art, and classes, with the intention of sparking or seeding hope, joy, healing, forgiveness and acceptance of self,  thru Spirit infused creativity.
Wendy Christine Hassel (aka Weaver)


Legendary Woman

Just had to let you know how grateful I am for the experience of Legendary Women. YOU, my dear are a true gift! Thank you for shining so brightly. Your passion is contagious but it is your loving, nurturing, gentleness that connects you on a heart vibration with everyone in the room. You have such grace and authenticity.
Red Thread Café Community
Sweet dear Shiloh. You are so a voice that resonates deep within me. You, to me, are a person who opened a locked cell within my body.  In that cell were all the pictures I held in my mind that could not connect to my hand.  With your process I was able to get the pictures out of my head and into my hand.  I have many more than I have time to draw.  It is a virtual Library of Congress filing system.  

The biggest connect you made for me, personally, is the ability to see and hear words like I have never seen or heard them in 65 years. It has helped with some regression therapy. It has helped with some meditations that have come to me.  Your teaching and those of the Color of Women have released the veil that divided the sacred temple and now the whole temple is available to me for my use.  A whole Heart and a Whole body; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
~ Fran Malone

That is all it took to convince me…

  • That my life has changed.
  • That I am not alone.
  • That I am a conscious co-creator of my life, and not the victim of the world I see.

I do overstate the case a little. I have been laying the groundwork for these 16 days for the last 9 years of my life. But 16 days ago, the women of the Red Thread Café taught me that,

  • Everything I was reading and studying and learning about was real.
  • Lived in beating hearts. 
  • Shared unhesitatingly. 
  • Trusted willingly. 
  • Loved unconditionally.

Now, I’m not sure I can get enough! (The old fears start creeping in: I started this as an expression of appreciation… because I want all these hundreds of women to know how they are changing my life in… but if I share this change, will it seem like a shameless plug?!)

The Beloved Spirit reminds me there are only two real things in all the Universe: Love and the Call for Love. Fear freezes, abundance flows: do not hesitate to share.
– Tara Browne

Black Madonna

On the connection part to the Black Madonna, amazing things have happened, I can’t even describe. My daughters and I now have made a commitment to go every Mother’s day to take her flowers, and I’m on my way to take my mom to the Vatican!! (long story).  On the art side, I feel now that I have a new power. I have freedom, I don’t have to be bound to a picture to create something beautiful. I can be creative. I can use gold and glitter. I can always start over. Your wisdom has touched me deeply.
Isabel Oliver


Leading a Legendary Life

THIS class began a journey into my creative heart I’d have never imagined….in it, I picked up a paint brush and put it to canvas for the very first time. I have not stopped painting since….it changed my life….really. I’m now proudly claiming the life of a “working artist, writer and teacher.”
TM Legendary Life

I am thrilled with this opportunity to be mentored by you and to be with our inspiring group of legendary ladies. I am excited to see what blossoms from our time together and how this practice of intentional creativity continues to inform my beautiful life. You have created such a precious opportunity for me and women everywhere to dance with their wild and courageous selves. Yahoo!!
Karen McGinn

I have loved this course so much, and feel so blessed that you are willing to continue. I have WAY more gratitude for your beautiful heart and for the way that you honor the sacred in the art process than I can ever fully express. And I have WAY more gratitude than I can ever express for the way that this course has brought back a part of me that I had cut off years ago, and that I desperately needed back to complete the me I know I am meant to be.. These last 6 months have done just that. I have my creative self back, and I will never ignore her again!
– Jenny Jones

Dearest Shiloh of my heart, Thank you for making this class available to us. Your vision and your hard work are changing my life. When I wrote my Chronicles, I had no idea that my life had been leading somewhere. It wasn’t until I put it all down that I saw that my spirit had been there all the time. Through thick and thin, I was there. Thank you for that gift. Thank you for teaching me how to paint and especially how to paint with my heart. You have been so generous to share your talent and your methods. I am proud to be a Cosmic Cowgirl and forever grateful for our connection.
– Anon.


Healing and Transformation

I would like to begin by saying, thank you for an incredible two days of creative and spiritual painting. I would not have imagined that after just two days of working with you, I would’ve created artwork that I am so happy with and tells a part of my personal story. At the beginning, I had no idea how I would translate my story into painting, but as we spent time together I slowly shared my personal story with you. I had no idea that on the second day I would translate parts of that story into art. Because of your excellent listening skills you were able to take an important aspect of my story and help me express it through my work.

Later, as I sat in front of my painting, other symbols began to pop into my mind regarding other aspects of my story. I know I would not have been able to do this, had it not been for your initial guidance. You are an excellent guide and easy to work with. You made a creative environment that was safe for me to experiment in, make mistakes, ask questions and learn. When I did feel stress, you reminded me to breathe and have fun. You taught me that painting was prayer. I better understand how art is healing because of your guidance. I am truly grateful for the time you spent with me. All the best,

Shiloh McCloud is an exquisite artist, a great teacher, and a healer. In four hours she was able to heal 40 years of emotional wounding that kept me from painting. Her process is amazing. She draws out the spirit within and guides you in expressing your inner most knowing. Since studying with her I have painted on a regular basis and much to my surprise my work has been exhibited purchased, understood and enjoyed by others. The time you spend with Shiloh is worth every minute of it. Do yourself a favor and pick up that paintbrush.
Chief Luisah Teish, Author and Artist

I feel my spirit has broken wide open and the light can now shine in and out.  It was a transformative weekend.  I learned more about painting in one weekend than I have in years of art classes.
Dakota Mitchell

Somewhere in the recent past I went to Shiloh’s Woman of Vision Workshop.  She’s offering them through the support of Cosmic Cowgirls Ink – a woman and girl owned publishing house that will collaborate to create workbooks (ala Shiloh style coloring books for all the issues that face women and girls where having a journal/friend/guided process might be useful.  At any rate, I took her woman of vision workshop and in this workshop, Shiloh, in her very adept, welcoming, ritual manner invited us all to circle.

There were twenty of us in the ring – holding the Alice Walker blessed red furry stuff and passing it from woman to woman–connecting us.  And then, in the most joyous act of generosity and kindness, Shiloh invited us to cut that part of the string that we held from the whole – and blessed us with this knowledge:  though we are all holding the string of womanhood, that which we have cut from the circle is all that we are responsible for.  I don’t know if you can feel through the words I’m typing how incredibly powerful that very practical moment was for me – but it was profoundly freeing.

I am responsible for that which i can cut from the bolt. I make my dress. I wear my red string tied to my wrist.  I know I am connected to the others in my circle, in my ever widening world, but that which I am responsible for is only that length of the yarn tied around my own arm.  This – this is extraordinary focusing freedom. This gives me access to something I can do.

And then, throughout the dance of the day, we gathered, we talked, we dreamt, we created, we painted and pondered and wrote and shared and feasted and celebrated with great rush of celebration.  And she guided us with paint and clarity through the making of our own vision statements.  She guided us through eight panels of our vision book, and asked us to answer in color and painted words who we are? what we care about? what we have to share? who we choose to be paid by? who we want collaborate with? steps to take on the path? quantifying the desire to create? and what are we creating?

She’s interested in helping women get on with it–actually causing the activation of our enflamed hearts and moving us out, powerfully, into the true blessing of doing the creative work we are called to.  It was an extraordinary day, an extraordinary set of exercises, a tremendous opportunity to be in the room, go through the process and enjoy the unfolding dream.and so it continues to unfold. Buy a book!
Elizabeth Benson-Udom

I had the absolute pleasure of doing a weekend-long art workshop/retreat with Shiloh a few years ago.  I am not exaggerating when I say that it completely transformed my life.  I not only painted for the first time in my adult life, but found a creative outlet which has become a vital part of my spiritual/sacred practice.  Most importantly, the ideas expressed, the women with whom I connected and bonded, the creative energy and wise words of Shiloh, all planted a seed that ultimately led to my leaving a career with which I was unsatisfied, and finding a life-work.

Through the workshop, Shiloh has become a close friend, mentor, confidant and teacher, who has inspired me-and so many others-through her passion, creativity, beauty and drive.  The education and experiences I acquired that weekend have proven to be so much more valuable than all of the books I’ve read, classes and workshops I’ve taken, and counselors and others I’ve seen-in helping me to discover my passion and create my vision.  I am so thrilled Shiloh will be coming to Denver and Soulrise to share her wisdom!
Heidi Damata, Soulrise Gallery, Owner

The workshop I did with Shiloh was life changing. For years I have wanted to explore areas in my life that would allow me to work with my passions, and be compensated for doing the things I love. What I lacked was a plan and direction. Through the use of a workbook she designed, and by attending her class, I now have the tools to make some of the dreams I have held for so long come to fruition. I want to take refresher courses with her each year, just to keep me on the right path!”
Fayletta Guilian, Artist

Shiloh’s course has altered the course of my life. Her inspiration, her warm encouragement and skilled instruction were instrumental in the realization that my life is being an artist. She continues to be supportive and helpful even though I live 1000 miles from her.
Connie Chapman


Creating Sacred Space

Thank you Shiloh so much for the painting class!  I feel like I really learned a lot in one day.  I really hope I am able to do more classes in the future.  I feel like you have given me some really useful “tools” to begin my journey of painting and expressing my creative soul. I really appreciate your time and I appreciate you and your beautiful art. Thank you for being you, and thank you for your inspiration. The world is truly a more beautiful place because you are in it! Sincerely, and with love
Andi Crane

Thank you so much for providing such a sacred space where not only I can feel safe to paint but I am also encouraged to go within my own self and feel safe to explore the dark places – the places that block the light and keep me from opening up completely to creativity.  What you do is such a great service to women and to humanity.  Thank you with all my heart.

My painting is such a blessing. Thank you for showing how to invoke her. I wanted you to know that the workshop does not end after we leave. I so appreciate you allowing me to take the class, thank you for the energy, spirit and love that you put into the class and thank you for the use of your anointed art supplies. No words for this level of gratitude.
Kim Walker

Shiloh brings more than skill and mastery to the classroom; she establishes an environment of beauty, mystery, and personal vision that is invitational to student transformation. Repeatedly, students describe having found within themselves a confidence, self-esteem and artfulness they did not know they had, from Shiloh’s classes.  I have witnessed students (and faculty as well) with no prior painting experience, produce credible paintings in one single class with her.
Judy Grahn, Co-Director, Women’s Spirituality Program, New College of California

Encouraging New Possibilities

Store Owner:  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to meet you. I was truly moved by meeting you!  Interestingly enough, I hadn’t taken the plastic off of my journal that I purchased at Milk & Honey last month. I did the other night! I am just blown away! I had considered cancelling that part of the order, since books have just sat on my shelves in the past. Not now! I am giving one to my best friend & have turned her on to your website. And I know this is the link that other clients of mine need. The grace at which you share your innermost thoughts & journey & then open others to theirs is amazing! There is just a way that you reach right into a woman’s soul thru your words & thru your art. I found a perfect place for “Our Lady of Faith” in my home. The energy that emanates from her just absolutely blows me away. Your mystical presence helped me to connect even deeper into mine! Your work & your heart & soul are amazing. Thank you for sharing that with me.
Cyndee Green, A Touch of Green

Wow, I really hope that you get this email.  I am writing to thank you for many things. Let me seek to be clear and concise in this message… Your work has meant so much to me, has given me beauty, courage and vision.  Participating in your Heart of The Visionary workshop led me to create a beautiful piece of art that displays MY vision – I am SO proud of this piece of art! And your message on “Every woman is the Queen of Her Own Heart” spoke so profoundly to me that I included it as the foundation for my “Queen Circle” that I have just began (of course giving credit to you in sharing this piece).  I am so thankful to know you, to have several pieces of your art work for my home and to have spent a day with you.  Thank you so much. In much gratitude,
Stephanie C.