Here are the 13 Steps in a slideshow we work with in the Color of Woman Teacher training! These are the images in one of the videos our Artists will work with to LEARN the method so that they can teach it to others! In the beginning, my style is here to ‘surf’ in on for those who need it, and as time goes on, my style disappears and your own style emerges, as you can see in the Soul Fire Collection Slideshow from the 42 women artists who are graduates of the training. I really feel like my style is HERE to be gifted to you – because it makes creating a painting possible, every time. It’s wild. It’s magical. And it is here to make painting possible for the absolute beginner. In the old times, the students copied the Master Teacher until their own voice came forth. This is a way of working that creates access. It can be used with the human form, landscapes, and symbols – it is applicable anywhere. The key however, is we draw on it from WITHIN. Accessing our internal voice for the paintings. AND we take on how to work with the negating voice of the critic and transform it into the voice of the Muse. This takes work – it is so sacred and powerful it rocks my world, and the world of my students. And their students. And on and on.

We will talk more about this in the training, and how you can start your own workshops and circles using the method. The classes you will teach will have your own branding and names, it just uses the method to share your work and the context you are creating. The method can be ‘applied’ so to speak to any theme you are working with. It is being used in recovery centers, rape crisis centers, with the Wounded Warriors, with Cancer Survivors  – the applications of the work are endless and will be up to you to choose how to work with it with those you are serving with your work.

This is ultimately about your own soul path. The method teaches you how to access that path within you by “imaging” the path itself, and YOU on it. By creating a personal archetype who leads the way…

P.S. Here is a sample video of the teachings!

Color Of Woman – STEP 9 – Integrating: Glazing from Shiloh Sophia McCloud