Note: The photo on the front of this tab is an image with over 35 women from a recent retreat, The Phoenix Painting Journey using the Color of Woman Method with Christine Arylo and Shiloh Sophia. Each Color of Woman teacher takes the method and makes it her own, with her own unique flavor like these images below, which are from Amber Bonnici.

What Our Color of Woman Graduate Teachers are Experiencing

Legendary Life with Kerry Lee in 2015

Legendary Life with Kerry Lee in 2015

Retirement Community 13 Step Sessions 

Insight, inspiration, release and transformation can happen at any age. I had a wonderful experience working with the residents of a progressive retirement community and being the midwife to many new artists who never painted anything except houses, fences and walls! We had two six session Intentional Creativity on-canvas workshops.

Legendary Life” focused on what each painter wanted to acknowledge about their lives, what made them who they are as well as some part of their life they’d like to release. “The Mask of Your Alter Ego” was pure fun and let them show a side of their personalities they may not have been able to express before due to cultural expectations. Two staff members participated as well. The participants favorite part of each series was getting to know each other during the red thread circle we held at the beginning of each session along with watching how different each person’s painting was with the same instructions. The results of each session were displayed as an art show in the community center for all to see and enjoy.

– Kerry Lee, Alchemical Artist

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“Before I started working with Shiloh I was lost. I had given so much of myself away that I had forgotten my heart, my dreams and my vision. I was just getting through each day and felt disconnected. During my time working with Shiloh, I found myself again. I found my vision, voice and a deep love for myself. I reconnected to my intuition and guidance. Through intentional painting and creativity, I started healed and then began sharing my healing with others. I found the courage to share my gifts with the world. I have more than paid for my investment working with Shiloh. From never having painted before, I have sold over $12,000 worth of art, won numerous art shows, and have been featured in solo shows. My art hangs in galleries, homes and businesses around the world. I have led women’s circles, weekend workshops, hosted an international interview series reaching over 2300 women worldwide, and am now working one-on-one with high end private clients leading them on their own transformational journey. Shiloh empowered me to not only connect deeply to my heart, but helped me see the greatness already living inside me, greatness ready to be awakened and shared with the world. Her coaching changed my life and has in turn changed the lives of thousands.” ~ Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, The Radiant Mama,

What Our Color of Woman Graduates are Saying

ladyofalchemy“Meeting and working with Shiloh has enriched my creative life and soul beyond words. I had been actively seeking out a way of integrating my deep belief in self-healing, into my artwork and offerings since August 2008. I found what I had been searching for in Shiloh Sophia’s Color of Woman Method of Intentional Creativity. Bringing an intention to the canvas and transmuting whatever issues are at hand is to me an extraordinary gift. Truly transformational.” ~ Denise Daffara,


“When I started the COLOR Journey I had already begun a deep process of transformation in life and in work as an artist. Coming across this training was the piece to the puzzle I had been seeking… and of course as Shiloh would say… It was already seeking me.

Not only has my work as an artist been transformed – and I have to say the relationship with my muse has been pivotal to this transformation – but the way I carry myself and work in the world as a creative being, as a mother, as a wife, as an earth lover – all of it has been transformed. I am looking at the world and looking within with new lenses, heart shaped ones… and WOW – I can see so much more clearly!

I have always been an artist, but felt that my work was missing something…. it was the link to the sacred. I now approach my work as sacred work, and this I believe is vital and something that the COW course inspires us to do.

Working with the method has been liberating, transformational, life-changing – I knew I always had to do art, but now I can do it without the voice of the critic overshadowing my pursuits. I don’t have to conform, I can create purely from the heart and soul. I know now that I am worthy, I am good enough and that my work is amazing!

My sacred work is working with the ‘sacred art of the feminine’ and inspiring other women to uncover their inner artist, to let go of limiting beliefs about themselves as a creative being and to hold space for those wanting to connect to the earth and to self-expression.

My plans for the future are bright and bold. I am overflowing with inspiration and I cannot wait to share what I have learnt through a variety of workshops I am offering- not only through COW but through my life experiences. An important aspect COW has taught me, was that all those stories I have within are relevant, they contain pearls of wisdom, my insides are like a big ol’ treasure chest filled with jewels and gold and I am to share this abundance of knowledge and wisdom with others. I aim to bring about transformation and healing to the women of my community through intentional creative acts. My intention is to connect as many women possible to the red thread sisterhood, so that we can all remember and reclaim the power and wisdom that we hold as women, so that we can walk in this world with our heads held high: empowered, educated, connected, expressed, heard.

I am forever grateful for this journey and for the path that continues ahead. Who knows what the future holds, but I know for sure it is full of possibility!” ~ Jassy Watson,


“I knew, knew the moment I read about the purpose of The Color of Women, and definitely knew when I was lucky enough to meet Shiloh moments later that I had no choice but to go forward with what was being presented.

I truly felt like my life’s experiences had led me to that very moment. Sometimes the Universe is so darn amazing and full of grace and great surprises.

The experience of going through as both student and teacher in the Color of Teacher Training has been all I hoped for and more.

What I hoped for was to end my adult life long artist’s block, to embark upon a new soul fulfilling career that included what was important to me, people, creativity and travel (the travel is optional but what I desired) And to feel a part of a larger community.

What I got was the beginning of a dream come true, tangible progress and results to transition in to my “soul career”, support from two of the most dedicated, giving, open, supportive, fun and talented women in Shiloh and Mary.

They soared way beyond my expectations more times than I can recall. Somehow, they managed to make me feel completely and positively supported while supporting 40? other sisters in this journey, all while continuing on with their other creative endeavors. Amazing.

I also got to witness a truly prolific artist in her element and in her authentic self soar. Shiloh, quite simply put, you are magic. It seems the more you give the more your cup overflows and the more you give. Endlessly.

I also received the gift of a whole new international tribe of wonderful, supportive, creative, wise and yes again, fun sisters. Life long friends for sure. Priceless memories from the retreats. Possibilities for many collaborations I can see the seeds of and a knowing of unknown much bigger things to come.

Finding a language, finding my Muse, finding my calling, finding my passion, finding myself. And one of the best parts is this journey has just begun.

Thank you Mama Caron and Mentor Mama Sue for encouraging your Shiloh to find her gifts and to share them with us, and with the world. So very grateful.” ~ Kerry Lee, Alchemical Artist


“The Last 6 months of my life has been an amazing adventure of learning, travel and creativity.

I have been given the gift of creative language from the Color of Woman Teacher Training with Shiloh, Mary, Jena and with the love and support of the Red Thread Sisterhood.

My husband and I traveled to France with Shiloh, Jonathan and 7 other wonderful woman to create and experience so many wonderful creative acts of beauty and love.

In the last 6 months I have created 27 paintings on a variety of canvases and watercolor paper, in sizes from 16×20 up to 3’x4’. I am proud of what I have created and can now add painting to my creative endeavors as an artist.” ~ Paige Daniel,


“What happened as a result of saying yes to The Color of Woman Teacher Training was the answer to my soul’s prayer to my soul’s calling. I like to call this my Soulful Metamorphosis. Soulful Metamorphosis is the process by which the essence of a human being is illuminated through listening to and connecting to the power within. A transformation occurred for me the weekend I met Shiloh, I felt as though I had broke through the cocoon and allowed myself to see the light and fly.

I am proud of having accomplished a body of work that was born of my soul. I am proud of having realized that I am an artist AND a writer. I am proud of completing The Goddess Chronicles: A Traveling Art Journal with The Sacred Dreamer that Shiloh brought out of me, gracing its cover. I am most proud of life I am living as an artist walking in faith and showing up even when I am scared.” ~ Sofia Dabalsa,


“Before the moment when I dove afraid and put my brush to canvas in one of Shiloh’s classes, I had no idea if I could even paint. I’d always wanted to, but had been too scared to try. As I followed the13-steps process of intentional creativity that Shiloh teaches, my beautiful Lady of the Divine Flame emerged, as if she had always been there, waiting to meet me through her new form. Deep soul healing took place from that first painting as I began to own the possibility that maybe I was an artist. This is no small feat for many! The transformation was so powerful, and I knew there were others out there who, like me, had a yearning, but were also afraid. And because I discovered a deeper healing of self-worth that takes place in this creative process that was so profound, I knew that I had to be a part of getting it out into the world. Everyone deserves this kind of healing as well as the pure joy of just creating. Talent or skill is not a requirement! The Color of Woman training program had everything I needed to grow as an artist and a heart healing teacher. And the extra bonus was how brilliant and generous Shiloh is with her teachings!

My newly formed company is All About Self-Love, ( because that has been my journey and I want it for everyone! I have learned many tools over the years to aid in heart healing that are good. But once I connected with Shiloh and her Color of Woman method of intentional creativity, my own internal shift went into hyper-drive, as if years of potential internal struggle just might be by-passed. Or at least be able to flow through those challenging times with more ease and grace. That is how potent this method is, and I hope every human being on this planet is touched by it somehow. And I’m really excited to be part of that dream!” ~ Julie Greer,

“Color of Woman made a profound and positive impact on my life on so many levels. Initially, I was drawn to the course by Shiloh’s beautiful artwork and the works of the program’s graduates. I had a deep desire to improve my own painting skills; to learn to practice intentional creativity; and to develop my ability to teach others. Little did I know when I signed up for Color of Woman that I’d gain all that and much, much more. The richness of the content and the magic created within the online community classroom cannot be overstated. Inside, I found a tribe of incredible women; inspiring instructors/ mentors; juicy content; thought-provoking discussions; and lessons and materials designed to teach, challenge, and transform.

The course offerings include a virtual buffet of colorful choices. My muse was delighted at once and immersed herself in the wide array of resources and materials. Each student had the opportunity to approach the content in her own unique way. I appreciated that while there was an over-arching structure, that my pace and progress were up to me. As I worked a full time job while attending this course, I appreciated that I had the flexibility to create my own schedule and complete the lessons in a way that worked best for me.

The business mentoring that Stella Mac/Mary offered throughout the course was very beneficial. I connected with her immediately and felt like she really listened to my goals, talked through options and strategies, and provided wise counsel. She asked exactly the right questions to help me consider next steps and encouraged me to “dream big”. When talking to Mary, I often felt like I was sitting across the table from a good friend who really cared about my success and about my well-being. I am very grateful for the time I spent with her.

Shiloh is awe-inspiring and magical. From her video-taped “pajama diaries” which included candid and casual dialog to her incredible painting lessons, she never ceases to amaze me. She is a light, a beacon, and a generous spirit. She’s also smart, successful, and generous with her time and talents. Shiloh’s encouraging style, blended with her ability to bring out the strengths and talents of each woman, regardless of experience level was impressive. Having Shiloh as an Art Doctor gave us a chance to not only enhance our own skills, but allowed us to learn how to guide our students and give feedback that supported beginners and experienced painters. Shiloh met each woman wherever they were on their path as artists.

The Color of Woman classroom included women from around the world. We all came to the class with different skills and talents and very different dreams and goals. It was amazing to me to watch the community bloom and grow from a large group of strangers to a loving tribe of friends. Seeing the amazing progress that women have made throughout the course is inspirational. Watching women’s dreams turn into reality has been incredible. Looking into the future and anticipating the big impact the group will make is priceless. All of us have grown immensely and are forever changed.

I had taken some of Shiloh’s other online courses, “Red Key Quest/Las Promesas” and “Red Madonna” and enjoyed those experiences immensely. I also had the opportunity to attend one of Shiloh’s workshops in NYC and witnessed first-hand, the magic created when teaching her signature Color of Woman painting method and brought women into creative community with Red Thread Circles.” ~ Misty Frederick-Ritz

“I have spent the last 8 months engrossed in studying the Color of Woman method of painting with its creator, Shiloh Sophia McCloud. I graduate in a few short weeks and intend to become certified as a teacher of this magical fool-proof method of painting the Divine Feminine.

This practice and way of healing/living has been a life-saver for me as I learn to live with the limitations of Post Concussive Syndrome. A day that includes painting -even if only for an hour or two – is a good day, regardless of how my head feels. I am hopeful that teaching art workshops is something I can do as I continue to heal.

Along the way, I have fallen ever more deeply in love with the creative process and it’s ability to heal at all levels of our being. Now, I am ready to go public!!! Here are 3 of my completed paintings. In order of appearance and start date: She Leads the Way, She Who Trusts, and Grace, my Muse of Celebration. Just wish my mom were still here to witness this emergence.

Eternal gratitude to Shiloh Sophia McCloud for her leadership, friendship and incredible generosity. I feel like the little kid who has been given all the magic tricks she could ever want or need to be her own magician. What a blessing.♥” ~ Tina Greene

“The CoW Teacher Training experience is like being in a very fertile garden. Shiloh and Mary plant the seeds of ideas and concepts and all the participants begin to sprout new and expanded thoughts around each point. The wealth of wisdom and insight from so many perspectives opens up so much for each of us and creates a supportive, accepting and wise community. The months pass so quickly and have provided me with an endless bounty of food for thought and strategies for action in my art, my life, and business.” ~ Holly Hildebrand,

“I have participated in many training groups of all sorts over the past 20 years, and The Color Of Woman sister tribe is beyond anything I have encountered. The commitment, care, and unending support for one another is a true heart connection that will last a lifetime. This has been an amazing blessing and joy in my life, and I am so grateful I said ‘Yes’ to this opportunity. It has ignited the passion that I had always yearned for.” Flora Aube

“The Color of Woman training was a catalyst for my transformation into a professional artist/writer/teacher I had been working on all of these areas for some time. But there was an expansive coming-together and self-knowledge of my creative and business presence that was triggered through Color of Woman that has brought me to a much deeper and more expansive level of work. There were many victories but the ones that are deeply significant to me are launching a new website/blog and being juried into a show at a fabulous local art gallery.” Marie Howell

“The first time I painted with Shiloh I spent the entire weekend smiling and full of joy. I walked away wanting to live my life doing the kind of work Shiloh was doing. When the opportunity came to apply for the Color of Woman training, my heart filled out the form before my head had stopped rejoicing this course was being offered. The training is incredibly supportive on many levels and has enabled me to get myself out into the world with confidence, self honor, and integrity. My paintings are in art shows and workshops are underway and this is all due to Shiloh, Sue, Caron, and Mary’s amazing teachings.” Annette Wagner,

“There simply are not the words to describe my heart-filled gratitude for Shiloh McCloud and the Color of Woman tribe. When the program began I was not sure if I’d fit and where my path was leading. In 4 short but tremendously exciting months I have completed 6 beautiful paintings, had a gallery opening, sold copies of paintings, created a website and led my own workshops. Shiloh is an expert at sharing knowledge, supporting women and creating a sacred container. On top of that, (I know, more?!) I met the most amazing group of women from all over the US who quickly became my soul sisters and provide support like no other.” Jessica Bowman

“I just want to say how grateful I am to have Shiloh as my teacher. I never would be painting and exploring my artistic side or writing as much without Shiloh and Mary prodding me along. I never thought this was possible that I would be doing what I am doing and the Color of Woman teachers will always be angels to me for allowing me to find these parts of me. Also learning via the internet was what allowed me to dip my little toe in to check the water. It was so safe and inspiring and it works. Shiloh, I will always be grateful and happy to tell people you are my mentor and teacher.” Mary Schilder

“This Color of Woman journey has been and will continue to be, amazing. The deep deep connections with this sister tribe, and Shiloh, Mary, Caron and Sue as our mentors/teachers/guides, is such a blessing. I have found my heart/soul passion and thus, have found my true voice. I will be sharing my own personal journey thru my art, and classes, with the intention of sparking or seeding hope, joy, healing, forgiveness and acceptance of self, thru Spirit infused creativity.” Wendy Christine Hassel (aka Weaver)

“I always dreamed of being an artist, but did not, until recently, consider myself one. I would have told you a couple of years ago that I “play” with art, but I’m not a”real” artist.That changed dramatically when I took the leap and joined Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s Color of Woman teacher training. I had taken her Leading a Legendary Life course and my passion and addiction to painting blossomed, and I fell in love with the paintings I was creating. I filled out the Color of Woman application because something within powerfully called me to it. It was very scary because I didn’t believe in myself as an artist. The Color of Woman experience totally changed that. I embraced, celebrated, committed to, and painted with my Muse thanks to Shiloh, Mary McDonald, Caron McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars and my Color of Woman sisters. With each painting, not only did I feel more confident as an artist, but I felt the shifts within from the Muse I had created on the canvas. I truly painted myself into an artist, revealing in each painting a part of that transformation.” Havi Mandell

“Color of Woman with Shiloh Sophia McCloud was the most profound transformational experience of my life. After exploring many art and life trainings, I believe that Color of Woman is the best business and life training available in the world today. As well as being a deeply enriching experience, Shiloh’s method of Intentional Creativity has given me an on going relationship with my creative spirit as well as exceptional skills in painting, teaching and marketing. Through Color of Woman I am able to integrate myself into my own life in the fullest way imaginable. As well as being a deeply enriching experience, I now have the training to teach this transformational process, empowering women in my community and beyond. During Color of Woman training I sold my first painting, had my first one person art show, taught my first Color of Woman workshop and painted a body of work that I have for sale on-line. My music career is blossoming from Color of Woman training, as I perform with a slide show of my paintings on stage, while singing, at universities and cultural centers throughout the country. I have also combined my Color of Woman painting workshops with my expertise in songwriting. I highly recommend women from all walks of life and all ages, take this training.” Katie Ketchum M.A.

“I think the most amazing breakthrough, from my perspective, is going from not knowing if I could paint like this, at all, to painting pictures that I just love. Sometimes I can hardly believe it. I’ve hung several of the paintings up in my home and they still catch me by surprise. I come into the house and see them and think, “they’re beautiful and I did them.” It just amazes me. Less than 9 months ago I wasn’t painting at all and now I have my own art decorating my walls. It’s almost unbelievable, but it actually happened. I honestly didn’t know that I could paint like this. Shiloh taught me how, and it has changed my life. Right now I am working on my 14th painting. At our last class I had given myself the goal of completing 12 paintings in 2012… only one more and I will have accomplished that goal, which at the time seemed crazy… Shiloh’s personal coaching was key to helping me to set priorities for myself that included time to paint. This too, has changed my life. With the encouragement of Shiloh and Stella I have decided on my website name, and purchased the domains so that I can get the website going. I have had two people say, very seriously, that they want to buy a specific painting of mine. I am not at the point of wanting to let any of them go yet… but they have both asked me to let them know when I am. Wow. WOW! Just nine months painting with Shiloh guiding me, and people want to buy my originals. Again, I am amazed (and delighted, of course!). I did have my first set of cards made. I made them to take to my jewelry show, 20 sets of 10 cards each. The crazy good news – I sold out before the show came around! Woohoo!! It is an unexpected joy to get to share my art with the world. It is a totally new experience for me; one I never imagined I would have. And here it is. I am doing it and people are loving it. I just step back and smile with joy. Part of the Color of Woman course’s intention is that we, in turn, become teachers. While this all sounded well and good, it was hard to believe that I could possibly be at a place where I felt comfortable enough to teach others in this course. But it really works! I had my first painting class with 10 students a week ago. I honestly think it was a rockin’ success. Everyone painted great pieces they were thrilled with and they have gone out of their way to tell me how much the class meant to them. Two people have already gone out, bought supplies, and have started painting at home! My 17 year-old niece was still wearing her red-thread bracelet when I saw her last weekend and both her and her mother hung their pieces up in their home. So, at the end of our training, this is the most profound thing of all. I’ve gone from not knowing if I could paint, to teaching others how to do it. I mean, I know it’s just a start on the whole teaching thing, but this just amazes me. Thank you, Shiloh for sharing your painting method with all of us. The gifts you have given me have changed my life in dramatic, powerful, love-filled and joy-filled ways. It is so much more than I could ever have dreamed of when I made the (so it seemed at the time) wild and crazy decision to say YES! to the Color of Women course. I am so grateful that I listened to my intuition and inner longing and followed gleaming beacon that you offered. And thank you, also, all my COWgirl sisters, for the love and support I feel from our tribe. I know our sister-hood will last long beyond the Color of Woman course, and my life is so much richer knowing that you all have my back!” Suzanne Grace Michell,

Thank you for such a wild epic ride. The Mythos Class journey certainly lived up to its name. I can’t tell you how much this class has meant to me. The personal health breakthroughs, the epic insights. The personal faery tale that was written. (My writing had also been in a trapped place before the class.) The community that formed around our adventures. The long tea parties and random dancing. I gained more understanding about myself than I have in a long time. Oh and there were lots of joy and tears, usually at the same time! I love my Mythic self and see her as a companion and trusted confidant, someone who is there when I am needing the strength and power of a Centaur, and who doesn’t need that? She is lovely. She is Glorious. She is Me. Intentional Creativity and it’s amazing teachers have worked their magic yet again. Much love and thanks. Ally Rhyslynn

The Mythos class has changed the way I see, and the way I paint in a deep, profound way. My painting is about this transformation, just as Shiloh’s painting is about her transformation from the mermaid to something more beautiful and free. THANK  YOU for all the fairy tales!!  Fairy tales were the first things I attempted to paint when I was a little girl. Thank you for all the fairy stories!!  It has helped me return to my natural childhood style of painting, and has brought much peace into my art, and into my like. I have been deeply blessed in having access to this class, while I have been in the deepest transformation of my life, with what has happened to me recently. I cannot wait to show the progress of my painting, and a tiny bit about what I have been through, to the group on the last month of the Mythos class, and on the Red Thread classroom site. Many blessings to the wonderful team that your energies combine to create. Such a BEAUTIFUL consciousness of transformation to higher and deeper levels, that Shiloh and your team creates. I wish with all my heart I could be a part of the teacher training program, but cannot afford it due to recent challenges.  LOVE and gratitude to all of you, for your patience, kindness, understanding, and guidance for all of us students, and for me in my time of need. LOVE YOU!!  Sincerely, Helen Cons