Note from Maestra Shiloh Sophia, The Founder of Color of Woman about the Soul Compass Art Show

Welcome to this inspiring collection of paintings created by the Color of Woman Class participants of 2013.

The theme of their show is Soul Compass, which represents a journey into navigating their own soul terrain. Soul Compass is a concept is about finding one’s way – to the inner world and expressing it externally onto the canvas. As you can see from the work, the symbols, the colors, the patterns, the emotions and the inquiries these women have traveled into new territory. Often we don’t know who we really are – and are looking for ways to discover ourselves and the direction/s that is truly aligned with our own soul’s purpose. The concept of compass has to do with FINDING one’s way, from the inside.

Each of these woman came into the training with a desire to serve her own creative unfolding, as well as serve others as a teacher. She used Intentional Creativity as her tool to probe her own depths and see what wisdom might be waiting for her there. In this work we have an understanding that because of creating with intention we have access to our own content, and often, information we didn’t have access to before.

Each class that completes the Color of Woman brings something new to healing of our world, their personal worlds and families, and to the training, that didn’t exist before. These paintings have come into being and document the story of these women’s lives over their 9- month journey. These women are courageous women of soul who are bringing their lights out to share with those they choose to serve, what we call, The Beloveds.

I am overjoyed to be able to share their creations with you! Get a cup of tea and sit with us for a spell and see what wisdom and insight the paintings hold for you. Isn’t it astonishing to see what can be created? Less than a year ago none of these paintings existed.

When we do the internal work, the external work simply shines with revelation as is evidenced in the paintings. Grab a sketchbook of your own perhaps and sit back and watch each image unfold – witnessing symbol, color, light and sublime content unfold before your eyes. See what is sparked within you…. This is a meditation in beauty transformed, questions transformed into FORM itself. Each of these women has alchemized herself through transforming her personal journey into the the gold of these paintings, and through her offerings to her community.

Each class bring gifts and challenges and a catalyzation to improve myself and the training for future Teachers. The training is an evolution of our collaborative research as a community about what works! I am also so proud to say that at least 5 of the graduates have come on staff in some form since their graduation and are helping to teach the class of 2014!

The contribution of the class of 2013, their breakthroughs, and insights have contributed to the future of the training in very significant ways. In addition to my joy, many of these graduates are actively working with and for the Color of Woman and or the Intentional Creativity Movement to create a culture in which all beings are invited to their creative potential. This class sparked to origination the Intentional Creativity Coaching Certification, which didn’t exist before, and was offered officially for the first time in the 2014 training.

I was imagining my life just 5 years ago when there were no teachers or coaches of the method. The Method is a way of painting and thinking utilizing intentional creativity. Before, there was just me sharing with handfuls of women at a time. In dreamy vision the other day I saw us like a gorgeous orchard of trees, with many fruits and blooms and deep roots reaching into territory that is need of nourishment. Lives are being moved and touched from elders to children and all the women and their families in between.

The class participants of 2013 includes the following courageous women artists, teachers, and intentional creativity coaches listed below. Not all chose to be in the show, but all names are included below. To see which ones have classes and offerings, which ones are Color of Woman Teachers or Intentional Creativity Coaches, visit our directory in process and find a teacher in your area – Intentional Creativity Teachers and Coaches.

The Red Thread Nation is gathering of the Tribe of Creative Beings, Cosmic Cowgirls and Color of Woman Graduates – a work in progress website designed to share the work of the movement as it unfolds through the eyes of the Color of Woman teachers and coaches over the years. You can find many of the workshops and websites for our graduates this year and from the past 3 years. Continue to check back as we make improvements on the Red Thread Nation and hopefully find a teacher in your area who offers workshops or coaching sessions, or paintings for purchase!

This beautiful Soul Compass show was created by Misty Frederick-Ritz, thank you so much Misty for honoring your fellow students with this gorgeous offering – I cry when I watch it and remember each woman’s story that is connected with her painting.

I have been committed to revolutionary education for the past 20 years – in these Color of Woman students I have found the most revolutionary education I could have ever dreamed of – this is beauty in action. Their soul compass points to freedom in the lives of the people they touch. When access our internal terrain is granted, we can unfold our dreams with soul fire!

With a red thread of hope extended around the globe,
Maestra Shiloh Sophia

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Color of Woman – 2013 Class Participants, Graduates and Slideshow Artists

Jacqueline Hiew
Carole Thomassy
Jassy Watson
Deborah Carlson
Misty Frederick-Ritz
Denise Daffara
Desiree Hershon
Holly Hildebrand
Summer Quarius
Cindy Taylor Clark
Eileen Nash
Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates
Sofia Dalbasa
Wendy Ward
Kerry Hedrick Laird
Beth Wyrybkowksi
Julie Marshall
Uma Mulnick
Katrina Woodland
Julie Clay
Susan Rossi
Dominique Peters
Shauna Ballas
Melissa Missner
Sharon Lawlor
Tina Greene
Julie Greer
Angel Gollat
Ti Klingler
Paige Tewa Daniel
Jenafer Owen
Christine Huiyu Jang
Deirdre Marie Keys
Elisabeth Freise-Mick
Valentina Annerino
Martha Lyon Barnett
Trish O’Malley
Star RhiAnnon
Amanda Golatti
Tina Gray Siebers
Shari Thompson