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This is content about the training written a few years ago and still relevant. However for the most up to date content and delivery please visit the Invitation for this year’s training.

If you’re interested in the Color of Woman 2019 Teacher Training, applications open on August 15th for the Priority Enrollment Cycle. We invite you to signup for The INSIGHT Experience, a series of Free Global Seminars with Shiloh Sophia, to learn more about Color of Woman and Intentional Creativity. RSVP for free here.

The Color of Woman Training educates and empowers women

to lead their own circles, workshops, and communities inspired

by their own Soul Work coupled with Intentional Creativity.

There are 3 primary delivery templates taught to which

any teaching theme can be applied: Circles, Sessions and Workshops.

The entire content of the training required for Certification

is available through the Core Online Training. The in person

training Initiations are highly encouraged but not required.

At the heart of the Color of Woman Training an integration of your personal path with your life work path. When there is alignment, we call it SOUL WORK. Women who walk between two worlds are often seeking the FORM through which they can live a life where all aspects of themselves get to be included, celebrated and create abundance! Color of Woman is a Vision Quest that is capable of integrating the many facets of powerfully unique and complex women. The portal of possibility opens!

Color of Woman Teacher Training
Intentional Creativity Method and Intuitive Painting

A Certification Program

On-Line and On-Location

With Visionary Artist and Teacher

Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Co-Founder of the Intentional Creativity Foundation

This is a calling…

Do you feel your soul stirring even now…

Even if you aren’t sure why, you feel somehow connected. Feel the tug?

Here in the Red Thread Circle we believe that those who are destined to meet are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth.

We are gathering those who have a desire to light their creative spark and from that spark, light the soul fires of others.

This is a Vision Quest designed for the leader who knows she is destined to call her own circles and to lead others on transformational journeys. This is for visionaries, those who see between the worlds and know there is sacred work to be done. For those revolutionary souls who are a part of the turning of the great wheel. This is for healers who would like to show others how to discover their own internal feminine wisdom and live from that place within.

This is for those who have always wanted to pick up a paint brush and express themselves in a big bold bright wild way. Most of us do but think we aren’t talented, this isn’t about talent with a paintbrush, but about being willing to self express the hidden stories and excavate the symbols from within.

This is for those who are called to lead the way.
To create the future, together.

Because this isn’t just a training. This is a counter cultural path for connecting with your soul work, and that of others on the path.

You have 3 generations of teachers behind you, a tribe of creative beings for support, and a community of women who are guided by the same soul urges that you are.

To live your truth. To serve with your gifts.
To be self expressed. To live a vital life that reflects who you are.
To bring transformation into the lives of others, your Beloveds.

Maybe you feel like we do, that we are a part of a great unfolding and that we have a unique part to play, our piece of the red thread. And maybe you will agree that working with story and image is one of the way that healing happens.

The Color of Woman Teacher Training is a Certification Program that is designed to empower you teach workshops, work with individual clients, develop a body of artwork and share your unique content with the world. We are gathering women who are being called to serve and bring the dynamic, mysterious and ancient powers of feminine creative principles into their lives, their soul-work and the world. Intentional creativity is the cosmic vehicle we will use to take your where you need to go.

If you know that the creative fire within you is a part of what and how you want to create yourself and your life in the world, then this is truly the right place for you. This training is designed for those who have a desire to serve through being who they truly are and discovering how to translate who you are into an offering that truly lights your creative soul fire!

This isn’t just for artists or creatives. In fact, it is for any woman on a service based path coaches, therapists, teachers, healers, practitioners, priestesses, counselors, school or university teachers, ministers, visionaries, artist entrepreneurs, social workers and women in search of life work that reflects who YOU are in the world. This is about sacred work.

Are you hearing the call to sacred work?

Then we are answering you with this Invitation to Color of Woman. Our Teacher Training Program is a 9 Month Leadership Journey in crafting vital Soul Work.

The Intentional Creativity Painting process is at the heart of our work which is a method of painting that allows for anyone to create a painting or work with creativity. The process leads you on a journey through your own soul story and layer by layer reveals insight and healing. It isn’t based on skill, because it draws from within instead of referencing external images.

This is a call.

The heart of our work is based in Soul Fire.
Soul-Fire is living from the light that shines within you. It is that passionate place of aliveness that longs for self-expression upon the pages of your life.

In our work, we are not just asking what is needed by the world and answering that call. Women have done that for generations. We are asking:

What is it that makes your SOUL light up?

This is training is about activating Soul Work. What is Soul Work? It is choosing to live a life that expresses who you are. When you live from your soul, your core being-ness is aligned with your life purpose.

The Color of Woman Training is designed to connect you with what truly lights you up and activates you towards creating a life that expresses your innermost longing and desires.

“This turning towards what you truly love saves you.” Rumi


Dearest Creative Being,

You have come to the right place! You were guided by your own heart to be here.

If you feel the fire in your soul, calling you here, then “Welcome Home!” This work is home to many seekers. It is not uncommon for me to hear that women have been looking for this sacred work their whole lives. This is a call to service, but also a call to personal transformation. This is an educational experience that not only grants you access to your deep, rich, Soul Story and archetypal symbols; but also empowers you to do the work you were born to do. I was born to share this work with you, at this time, in this place, in this way.

This is BIG. You are invited to join a 6 month Vision Quest! It’s a combination of a Teacher’s Training Certification Program; a leadership course for those of you who want to teach workshops or classes; guided template sessions for you lead as a Certified Intentional Creativity coach and a process to develop a body of work through painting. Don’t have painting experience yet? You will. If the sounds of this training lights up your soul, just come.

This isn’t just for those of you who are artists. This is for those of you who KNOW you need to work with the feminine and her image in your life – even if you don’t know why or don’t have experience yet. We are gathering women who are being called to serve and bring infused, dynamic, mysterious and ancient powers of the feminine creative principles into their lives and their work. This method is designed for coaches, therapists, teachers, healers, practitioners, priestesses, counselors, visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs and women in search of a new career or life path that better reflects who THEY ARE.

Each of us has been called together for an adventure in what is possible when we give ourselves permission to LEAD, to TEACH, to DARE and call others into circle. I have called you and now you will call others! Indeed, this is a great adventure and it is such a blessing to be in service to others – one of my deepest joys. The work we can do together is exponentially powerful and full of possibility!

I believe that inside of each one of us is the desire to express ourselves and to ‘be’ art. And most especially: To paint, to write, to think. Every day we work with image, word and mind – and we are completely dependent on those mediums just to live. What if those mediums could serve you more powerfully? What if you could take a trip, without even leaving your home that would grant you access to your own internal wisdom and bring VITALITY to everything you set your mind, heart and hands to? What would your life look like in order for you to say, “I LIKE IT HERE!”?

This Color of Woman Training is designed to cause outrageous self-expression! It gives you the tools to express yourself and to share the gift of this expression with others in your life, on earth, in your body, mind and heart. Creativity can be a miracle formula. Because you have access to YOU and your thoughts, you have the ability to live a life you like, even one that you LOVE. Not because circumstances are different, but because you see them differently. How does that sound?

This is an opportunity to create one the most important things of all: Your Identity. For me, art and painting is a sacred practice, a prayer, a way of being in connection with Spirit and all of life. Art is a calling from the universe – and my response is: painting images that bring healing and possibility. I believe creating art and writing poems and dancing our prayers and baking our bread is significant and equal to planting carrots, marching for peace or other forms of service. Some of us are called to create in this manner, and I think those who can, should. I believe artists, writers, poets and dancers balance the scales of the universe through contributing the profound medicine of beauty. Sometimes I feel our work, especially that work which includes the feminine, can be the antidote. And yes, many do this work with men as well, even though at this time we are only training female teachers.

My work stems from my desire to ease suffering. When I was younger I thought that would be serving in crisis shelters of all kinds. As it turns out, the shelter I have created is for the artists. I truly believe that working with the female image is one of the PROFOUND tools we can use to bring healing to others, and to ourselves, when we use it with intention. When we create with INTENTION, using what I call Intentional Creativity, our own journey of self-discovery is powerfully informed, as well as our ability to translate this work into a blessing for those we long to serve.

I am passing these teachings onto you so that you can pass them onto those you long to work with, your beloveds, for the next seven generations.

Because I believe in you. In us. In who we are as a people.

I believe that all of us have a desire to contribute something meaningful to the world. And that once we have done enough of our own healing, we will feel that greater pull within ourselves towards sharing our gifts. Let’s return to those soul symptoms.

What are you noticing as you read and ponder what I have shared so far? What stirrings are happening in your soul? Close your eyes and imagine that you are already in the Color of Woman journey, because in a cosmic way since you are here right now… you are with us.

What is The Intentional Creativity Method?

The Intentional Creativity Method is an approach to creativity practiced for over twenty years with thousands of students. The style involves a method of painting that allows anyone to paint an image drawing from his or her internal imagery, symbol and story. Contemporary symbolists are those whom used internal images as their source for creating art instead of only external images.

The work also draws upon the research done by Carl Jung about how we can use our imagination to access and receive useful information from our unconscious selves. This kind of inquiry creates a powerful internal guidance system that makes self-healing, self-expression and self-nurturing a way of life instead of just something you do for fun. We also employ practices used in contemporary Shamanism to journey within to gather imagery for our paintings.

I was taught by my parents, Caron McCloud the poet and Sue Hoya Sellars the painter, how to combine word and image to draw forth my own internal information, mycontent. The Color of Woman teacher training is a vision quest that will draw your content from within you. But you won’t just leave this training as an artist. You will become an artist, coach and teacher whose soul-fire is ignited towards what you truly love.

Does this sound like you?

Have you long to LIGHT your SOUL FIRE with your own sacred work?

Have you been LOOKING for ‘something’ sacred to complement your offerings to your clients?

All your life have you felt like an artist but weren’t sure how to approach it and make it a part of your life?

Would you like to develop a body of work – your very own paintings to use on your materials and in your office/home or to share at shows? Perhaps make greeting cards or prints?

Do you long to bring a creative feminine element into your work?

Do you find yourself longing to call community together around what matters to you?

Do you sense that creativity is an essential element for transformation and would like to dedicate more of yourself to this sacred practice?

Would like to learn simple, but colorful methods for accessing profound self-expression that will enrich your life and the lives of those you work with?

Do you have clients that are at times unable to access their internal wisdom and know that using creative expression can help them and you, get to the next layer?

Do you wish for more income streams to add to your practice or offerings?

Here’s more about the experience:

Here is just some of what you will experience in the Color of Woman Teacher Training with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and a spirit-led circle of women.

Awakened perspective through an infused depth of the feminine perspective and how it relates to your self-image.

Discover one of the most powerful forces within you, your own muse and how she works with the critic.

Learn to paint, or deepen your painting practice from a sacred context through creative spiritual practice and intuitive painting techniques.

Awaken your leader self and learn how to teach others what you know through sharing your heart, right where you are.

Join a supportive, exciting international community of women traveling with you who believe in you and will encourage you.

Receive a powerfully clearer vision of your life work and purpose and how to live it with a creative fire in your heart that will never go out again.

Learn the Intentional Creativity painting style that will easily guide you how to learn to paint using image and symbol, but also how to show others how do it.

Deepening tools for leadership and entrepreneurship in your lifework including the basics of presenting yourself online.

Learn how right and left brain can be accessed in alignment with your heart so that you can learn internal navigation tools

Create a visionary business plan based on the principles of the feminine and sustainability paradigm.

Learn the powerful tool of Visionary Imagination that gives you access to your internal guidance system that informs your creativity, and your life path.

Are you called?