Dear Ones,

Here is a video I really love from the livestream last year where super cool things happen.
1. Love happened: Students past and present and future, show up to participate in our enrollment event!
2. Co-Creative art happened: I invite them to paint on my big ole’ painting and paint on the canvas with me.
3. Teaching happened: For those of you who participated in the livestream, I am doing the next steps in the painting – different painting different year, but same steps, it’s called blocking
4. We get to see the stories of how this work has impacted people’s livesĀ  – including a teen girl who came to paint with her mom and we hear from the husband of a woman who just completed the training.

We are one week away from the end of the priority enrollment cycle – so if you are looking to learn more about what this is all about – hearing it from others might be inspiring. If you haven’t seen the invitation and application yet – you can find it here.

With love, shiloh sophia