Color of Woman Class of 2015 – Alchemy of the Soul! The beautiful work of this group of women is stirring and provoking, causing us to look ever deeper at the feminine and her manifestations at this time. Congratulations on this beautiful online show!

These women were learning to teach Intentional Creativity so they could work with others in the healing power of image and language. These are the paintings from the classes they took in the training – their own work evolves from here into their lives as artists and or into their lives as teachers or both.

As you watch you may witness recurring themes, ideas and archetypes. As the training is less about becoming an artist and more about learning how this can be taught, to anyone. These paintings were part of their own journal towards leadership and personal transformation.

With gratitude for the chance and gift to work with women to bring the sacred image of the feminine, the earth and her relationships into form,

“Alchemy of the Soul”

Online Art Show from Color of Woman Teachers

Go here to watch the Art Show

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Shiloh Sophia

Shamans of the Palette
A Message for the Color of Woman Class of 2015
from Maestra Shiloh Sophia

Dearest Ones,

When we pay attention and show up
there comes a space within our journey
when there is a sense of arrival.
A sense of belonging to one’s self
and one’s very own path

If we are really lucky
we receive a rare gift:
A sense of belonging to each other.
An experience of belonging to earth.
This is rare. Precious. Stunning.

Because of you, I fell in love again.
Not with a person. Not with an idea.
With an energy. Yours.
An energy that belongs to you, personally.
A frequency that you made happen.
Woven with your own hands
and the hands of the Muse, you know how she likes to talk with her hands!

A color and light and pattern that is yours
was revealed on earth like colored light.
That reminded me what the F*CKXXXXX
I am actually doing here on planet earth.
And what we can do together.
Gratitude doesn’t come close to how I feel.
You. Yes YOU, reminded me
of what this is all about. AHHHHHOOOOO!

There is a great stirring in the beyond,
a great turning of that great wheel.
I see your hands on that wheel.
Hands of all colors turning and laughing.
Remembering our ancient origins
and calling in the future
we together will create.

You are alchemists of transformation.
I bow. I am humbled before you.
There is no reason to lose hope now
because we are nearer than ever
to the beauty we seek.
You have manifested beauty in form
for all the world to see.
I stand amazed!

Know this. Feel this. Get this:
Your body of work
is a body of blessing for all.
And an essential thread in the lineage
of Intentional Creativity.

You are shamans of the palette now.
Retrieving lost souls from the
badlands where they were left to whither.
Calling Beloveds into circle.

Not so long ago we didn’t remember
who we were. You have reminded us.
Now we have roses in our cheeks.
Exotic flowers in our hair.
Birds in perched on our shoulders.
Tattoos of shells, feathers and
stargates expanding in light on our skin.
Aqua light. Purple Haze. Azure Blue.
Cobalt Green. Alizarin Yellow.
Fire Red Thread. Titanium white.

Now I know I can count on you
to remind us all.
Your quantum prism shimmers
in the between.
I can see now where we, together can go.
This has nothing to do with saving the world.
Yet this has everything to do
with saving the world!

Starting with the turn of a brush in space.
A brush with healing paints the world anew.
A portal opens and reveals.
What we did not see before.
What we did not see before is
precisely what needs to be seen now.
You are the women creating the future.
I invite you to move the movement,
You in motion, is poetry embodied.

I admit. I am relieved. To know you.
To feel you. To have held your hands
and guided your brushes into the deepest
inquiries we could find. The ones
where the soul shakes us awake. AHO!