RESEARCH: We knew our work of Intentional Creativity was having an impact, but what kind? In our preparation for the United Nations in 2016, we asked 259 students and 50 graduates some questions. Here are some results:


93% said that they would share IC with those close to them.

83% said IC had been significantly impacted their story/view of themselves.

83% said they experienced healing of trauma (sexual, emotional, stuck energy)

80% found IC more effective than other methods they had tried for healing.

83% said they use it as part of their on-going life practices.

87% said they experienced improved thinking and capacity to navigate.


42% said they had taught over 20-40 women since graduation.

19% said they had created between 8-15K in painting sales.

31%  said that they had SOLD paintings.

63% said they have had 1-3 art shows.

It’s nice to know it’s working, that change is happening in women’s lives.