Painting by Brun Yvrande, Paris, France ©2015


Intentional Creativity is a framework, a chosen approach, a viewing window and a portal of inquiry. Here is our essential operative vocabulary as seen through the framework of Intentional Creativity, meaning there is a lens through which you are viewing the words. Each word serves as a linguistic abstraction that can be applied to any medium, including thought movement, art and sound – anything you make. And especially if you do it with love and or a sacred intent.

Intentional Creativity does not necessarily refer only to painting or writing, rather it expands on a philosophy of being, living, falling in love with our lives, one another and creation itself. There are, of course, 13 core teachings based on chosen conscious transformation. These are the practices of those in our tribe and the practices employed in every class or experience using IC.

These remain conceptual until brought into form, hence the reason we call ourselves the Guild of Intentional Creatives. We are makers and collaborators with quantum potential. We all contribute our ideas, dreams & curriculum to the greater community as we develop ways of working and self discovery.

Here’s the amazing part, when we create with intention, all of these are somehow active at once without us needing to name them at all. Separating them out as words simply helps us take a better look. It’ rather like trying to lasso the mystery. This kind of thinking has been around since the beginning of time, it’s nothing new, but we may be new to it. The idea of working with image and word together as a path of intentional inquiry was sparked within the framework of our Intentional Creativity Lineage in the 1930ies ….Let’s enter awe….

~ Shiloh Sophia



Who lives in here ~ Sue Hoya Sellars


What are you here to cause and create ~ Shiloh Sophia


What ancient knowing lives within these hands? ~ Lenore Thomas Straus


13 Core Teachings of Intentional Creativity


CURIOSITY – Enter into the space of inquiry inspired wonder

ACCESS – Journey and establish pathways of connection with your heart and soul

AWARENESS – Inquire within, you are not who you think you are: ‘who lives in here?’

CONNECTION – Claim that you are a co-creator in the greater circle of sacred life

INTENTION – Activate quantum consciousness through mindfull creations

INVITATION – Allow discovery, and being your own witness to enter into your processes

CREATION – Alchemize your content across the veil into form, and practice regularly

CATALYZE – Choose to continually move out of default settings into possibility

COMPASSION – Lovingly collaborate with the collective through your offerings

AWAKENING – Explore and expand the infinite palette of your many senses

COHERENCE – Create alignment between your gifts, your Source, and Creation

BELONGING – Choose to be embodied, and belong to a tribe of creatives

CEREMONY – Design experiences which both mark transitions and celebrate!