We always love to hear from our students about what they got out of the training, what changed for them, as well as what changes they suggest as improvements. We are sharing some of the testimonials here and we are incorporating many ideas for our 2017 class.
~ Color of Woman Team


The Color of Woman training was an amazing opportunity to use the creative process to dive deep into the hidden realms of Self, exploring my own identity and self-image, my own ideas, content and unique life-path.

~ Jane Parkin, United Kingdom


There is nothing that compares to the Color of Woman Experience — it’s intense, it’s deep, it’s fun and phenomenal. It’s indescribable, and it has taken me places I’ve only ever dreamt of! I’ve accomplished more than I anticipated, not only in terms of creativity but also inner work. I’ve gained tremendous personal insight, and I’ve moved past many fears about my own work. It has been by far one of my most treasured experiences, and it’s transformed my life in so many ways.

~ Erika Nelson, US


Color of Woman was beyond amazing it pushed me to high levels of creativity in my art, and in the way I speak and think. It taught me through overcoming all the challenges that I am capable of anything, that I have found my souls note and am more balanced as a human being. I now have such a deep desire to share the Intentional Creativity process with lots of people as I am highly aware of its profound healing and strengthening abilities. I am a changed woman and so grateful for all the deep relations, friendships and high caliber of mentorship I experienced. Yes I will be forever grateful I said yes

~ Jenny Kiely, Ireland


Painting: SheroMa, Queen of Truth


I still can’t believe that I actually did all the work and graduated! My proudest moments were many…two that stand out is when my beloveds at the 2 day workshop called me their “midwife” and that I had opened up something in them they want to continue! They were introduced to the mystery of the Muse and they love her!

~ Ruth Turner, US


Color of Woman opened the door to my heart in having the courage to live from The Artist Within passionately. The consistent support, authentic caring, nurturance and guidance from Shiloh and her staff was truly amazing considering the number of students and graduates in this program. I am so grateful to have been a part of this program and intend on continuing to support Color of Woman as an active participant. I highly recommend this program to any Creative that desires to make a difference in this world by bringing the beautiful healing of Intentional Creativity to others.

I loved that the training was consistently based in love and integrity. I learned a lot, enjoyed the learning process and feel blessed to have been part of this journey. I truly loved the on-site initiations. My experience in Italy was the pivotal point in my journey where I experienced a spiritual awakening through the Blessed Mother, which brought an understanding of my Soul’s path of Honoring the Mother through my love of Intentional Creativity. Painting at Terra Sophia was magical and creating in nature was yet another important facet of knowing who I am and what I am meant to contribute in this world. It was an honor and privilege to be invited to such a sacred space. The energy and sense of belonging in this women’s tribe was palpable. I will cherish these growth moments for the rest of my life.

~ Tina Gain, US


I know that ‘life-changing’ can be a bit of a cliche but that is what I have experienced in my journey through the Color of Woman training. The depth of healing and transformation can only be imagined… until you experience it for real. It has given me so much more than I originally expected – in terms of self understanding, confidence and the tools that I wanted to move forwards with my dream of a creative business. If you are hesitant then ask yourself – what have I got to lose…believe me you have so much to gain!

~ Kate Gold, UK

Kate Gold_1  Kate Gold_2

Painting in 2nd Image: Sephora – The Alchemist


Color of Woman is an educational experience that lead me as far out into the world as it did deep into my heart. I feel I found community with like minded, intelligent, driven and caring people. Bravery, courage, heartfelt desire, dreams and love are things that one finds inside themselves, but Shiloh Sophia’s programming lit the way to finding what may have been lost or hidden for a time. The work you do in this program, at least for me, served as a guide to my heart and soul desires, and also offered navigational tools for driving to carry them out.

Shiloh generously shares her art legacy with students, which I now proudly count as my own. My art grandmothers, Sue Hoya Sellars and Caron McCloud stand as strong, feminine lead examples of how intention and imagination truly and exponentially can change the course of history. My art great grandmother, Lenore Thomas Straus began sharing these lessons via the New Deal art movement put in place by the Roosevelts. Each generation’s brave, conscious steps into the future can make our world the beautiful place that exists and that we dream of.

~ JP Kim, US

Screenshot_20180314-164103  Screenshot_20180314-164217

Painting in 2nd Image: Fabric of Time


This was a true life transformation, this magic journey took me back home

~ Jullie Qvist, Denmark

Julie Qvist_1    Julie Qvist_2

Painting: Wisdomkeeper


I loved many things but specifically getting free with paint, uncovering new dimensions for my professional work, and being connected to a community of bold women.

~ Erica Britton, US


I loved the camaraderie of the students and instructors. It was so encouraging to have someone always cheering you on

~Joan Trabucco, US


The Colour Of Woman course was inspiring, true soul work and it was wonderful to meet so many wonderful people in my journey.

It was a gift to discover a way, through painting, to heal the heart and energize our being. I loved the gathering in Italy – sights, sounds, tastes and our gatherings.

~ Kim Morris, New Zealand


Colour of Woman has empowered me to shine a light on my true purpose of being a creative art facilitator. The confidence and determination I now have to go forward into setting up my own business for the first time, is unprecedented. It has been a real turning point in my life, as previously I was quite directionless and just didn’t know HOW to tap into my own inner resources and heart to see how I really wanted to be of service in the world. I will always be truly grateful to Shiloh and her lineage of mentors, for the opportunity to participate in this experience and become part of the Intentional Creativity revolution. Just thinking about this gets me shaking in my boots!!!

LOVED the creative format of the course content. I REALLY loved the concept of the Alchemical compass and working around the 4 directional points and centre of the medicine wheel. I loved the practical and hands on approach with the content and using Shiloh’s organic templates to process material. Each painting journey was a magical experience…….going to places within that had never been visited before! I was sooooo sad when doing my last painting……..knowing that this would be the end of this wonderful path.

I found that once I spent time exploring, the NING classroom was quite easy to navigate. I REALLY loved having the opportunity to share with others online, as I was unable to get to any in-person gatherings this became an important and VERY significant means of communication.

My morning red cafe time was often spent looking at and responding to what others had shared on FB and the NING site! In fact meeting sooooo many “like minded” women was a VERY exciting experience for me. I felt well supported by the COW staff and volunteers and enjoyed the interaction with a variety of personalities.

~ Tania Michelle Magennis, Australia

Tania M_1  Tania M_2Painting: The ALCHEMIST : You Are Made of Stars


I have loved my training in Intentional Creativity it was a life changing experience for me and I take a whole new medicine basket out into the world filled with so many new ideas and tools to share my part of the red thread in my world.

~ Louise Kirby, Australia


Color of Woman training was indeed a journey like no other I have experienced. It was a combination of practical and magic. Each turn of the wheel unearthed layers of oneself as a way of discovering one’s own unique “color” as it were…finding and embracing the wholeness of who we are as women and as unique voices in that sisterhood is the beauty of my experience. Shiloh and every member of her team make Color of Woman an incredible experience where you are supported and set free all at the same time. Love, love, love is all I can say.

~ Shelli Duarte, US


I loved the overall experience of it all! The COW 2016 training has tied a lot of knots for me and helps me bridge all of my trainings and life experiences into a much more solid foundation for my business, so that I can make it sustainable and joyful.

I loved the generosity, love and support from everyone and of, course having such an amazing role model as Shiloh who is so genuine, present and down to earth. I loved getting to expand my creativity in ways that my heart had longed for.

The Color of Woman training provided me with a structure to spend time focusing on my priority to integrate art into the work I’d already been doing in the world as a transformational life coach and energy worker. The class is thoughtfully laid out so that it culminates with everything needed to run an Intentional Creativity business using Shiloh’s 13 step method or integrating it into your own unique creative work in the world.

~ Michala Storm, Denmark

Michala Storm  Michala Storm_1

Painting: Faith


The Color of Woman training provided me with a structure to spend time focusing on my priority to integrate art into the work I’d already been doing in the world as a transformational life coach and energy worker. The class is thoughtfully laid out so that it culminates with everything needed to run an Intentional Creativity business using Shiloh’s 13 step method or integrating it into your own unique creative work in the world.

~ Karen Miraldi, US
Intentional Creativity Teacher

Karen Miraldi   Karen Miraldi_1Painting: Cosmic Claire, the Curandera


This was one of the most influential courses I have taken! It has helped transform my offering to be exciting, powerful and fun and it has helped me become more complete and myself!! I love the intense engaging into painting and merging this as a tool to access my inner archetypes. I loved the richness of the course material provided and the great support by all the fantastic and knowledgable staff!

~ Cornelia Wendt, UK


I started this training thinking that I would receive a wonderful method and tool which to integrate into my present work as coach and trainer. To my surprise and joy I was to encounter a path, one which led me in an ever-deepening manner to those edges of the “unimaginable” and the unknown.

What I realized and experienced there was such an abundance of possibility and enrichment, that this truly must be experienced in order to grasp the impact of this transformative point. It was a standing in that space between the worlds in which the maximum of creativity could be expressed.

The gratitude which arose out of teaching others according to this IC method is indescribable. This work is truly paradigm shifting, a transformational tool.
My heartfelt thanks goes out especially to Shiloh for making this training available and to the rest of the Color of Women team, who kept enriching us with tips, encouragement and extended information. It was a beautifully loving and caring community .

~ Easula Shelley Seldmaier, Germany

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 7.38.02 PM



My best year in life ever – my best move in my life ever to have heard Shiloh’s call and to have been accepted to this training

~ Birgit Thomsen, Switzerland

Birgit ThomsenPainting: The one who loves beauty, painting and the ocean


An amazing training that provide SO much useful & rich information that I will go back and consult over & over in order to refine my offerings. The tips & tools to progress my offerings and turn it into a money-making activity are also very much appreciated. Thank you!

~ Lorraine Tilbury, France


I loved how organized the classroom is, and how there is so much support…there was always someone to reach out to when I needed. Responses were usually really prompt.

I like that along with written material, there were also videos. I’m a visual learner, so this helped a lot.

I loved the live events, and being able to connect and develop friendships with like-minded women.

I LOVE that I’m now part of a legacy & lineage. I’ve always been part of it, it just took me a while to get here. I knew from the moment I met Shiloh I was connected to her, I just didn’t know how until the next day when I received an email saying there were a few available openings in Color of Woman.

I applied even though I didn’t quite know why, but I knew I had to. Even though I never met Sue Hoya Sellars in this life I feel very connected to her, Lenore, and the land at Terra Sophia. It’s totally woo woo lol. So this is so much more than just an experience and training for me. This is where I belong.

~ Andrea Christensen, US

AndreaChristensenHeadshot    Andrea Christensen_1

Painting: Muse of Wild Imaginings