Dear One,

I would like to tell you a little more about the the Color of Woman Training so you can feel into whether you want to journey further with this possibility. As we like to say in our community: those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread, and that it may stretch or tangle, but that eventually you will end up with the people you are destined to meet. We can give you all the details in the world to satisfy your linear mind, and we have plenty of those! That said, most women who join us, feel it, know it, have to do it, even if they don’t know why. We trust our instincts.

The energy of Color of Woman quest begins almost immediately with your interest in the work … I hope our threads of change weave beautifully together. I am here to serve women who are here to serve others through providing encouragement for the journey and creativity that lights soul fires! Let’s cause and create something powerful together! Together we turn the great wheel, informed by  the hands and hearts of women

With a Red Thread,
Shiloh Sophia
Color of Woman 2018

Pre-enrollment Applications: we held our first enrollment cycle in July and are over half full. Our second enrollment cycle is now open – you can request the invitation and application here. Training begins in March 2018. You can attend online or online/in person. We accept 60 women and it has always filled up.

Interview: Following your application, you book an interview, one-on-one with Founder Shiloh Sophia – she personally interviews close to 100 women a year.

Investment : The 9 Month training ranges between just under 5k up to 15k depending on the choices you make for your training path. We have generous loans, as little as $165 a month and have not so far, turned anyone away for lack of funds. We work together to bring women forward to fulfill on their sacred assignment.

This will be our 8th year of training and in 2018 we will have close to 200 teachers worldwide.

We have locations in California, Hawaii, Italy and Australia – but you can attend from anywhere in the world. We will also have gatherings led by Color of Woman Graduates, known as the Guild in France, Denmark and Australia.

TEACHER CERTIFICATION : Intentional Creativity Education for Healers, Teachers, Coaches, Guides, Artists of all fields, Intuitive Painters




GUIDE INSPIRED RITUALS for your COMMUNITY & FAMILY with the power of the Red Thread

Gather ONLINE & IN Person with Visionary Women in Sisterhood

CREATE a Visionary Business Plan in Alignment with your SOUL WORK

Become part of a GLOBAL GUILD of Intentional Creatives


IC Guild White


Join us all online and/or for 6 in person gatherings:

2 in Sonoma, California, 1 in Florence, Italy, 1 in Bundaberg, Australia, 1 in Mendocino, California, 1 in Hawaii


What’s IMPORTANT: It is important that you have a desire to serve and call others into circle. It is not important that you be an artist to participate. You have all the creative bones in your body that you will need! You are already a creative being!

Our Lineage and the Legacy – A Foundation
Intentional Creativity has emerged as a lineage that goes back to Eleanor Roosevelt. Under her guidance and invitation, Master Teacher, Lenore Thomas Straus created art that imaged idea, with intention, during the New Deal. Lenore taught Sue Hoya Sellars and Sue Hoya Sellars and Caron McCloud taught Shiloh Sophia. Shiloh Sophia has go on to teach the Intentional Creativity Method to thousands of women per month. Her work has also resulted in presentations raising awareness at the United Nations CSW for the last 5 years in a row. The Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501c3, is where much of the training is held, in our Sonoma Art Studio.

Development and Application of IC in the marketplace.

In our research we have discovered that the majority of women we work with, whether they are a Doctor, Shaman, Mother, Therapist, Healer, Pastor, Social Worker, Body Worker or a High School Teacher, all are motivated by a desire to serve through their unique voice and leadership. The Color of Woman Training provides an alchemical bridge between service based leadership and creative fire. Your creative fire gives rise to your unique content, your messages, your sacred activism, your soul work, are all motivated by a desire to serve through their unique voice and leadership. These women visionaries do not want to sacrifice their creative fire for their work ‘in the world’. Women have been waiting too long for ‘our time’. This is our time. The Color of Woman Training provides the alchemical bridge between service based leadership and creative fire. Your creative fire gives rise to your unique content, your messages, your sacred activism, your soul work. Last year many Color of Woman graduates and teachers gathered and brought this work to the United with two powerful panels.

Everyone has creative fire. Not everyone is expressing this fire. Color of Woman changes that. The sparks light up and the blaze begins. Then you light up the world. You can’t help it. It just flows from you. When a woman’s creative fire informed by what she deeply loves is blazing, watch out….here she comes!

A Creative Approach to Healing
The Intentional Creativity® Method (IC) is an approach working with creativity that makes it possible for anyone to work through self expression as a tool for healing and consciousness. Intentional Creativity allows us to bring forward, that which is often hidden in our subconscious and bring awareness to it – and therefore have a capacity to transform it.  What is hidden, is often what keeps old patterns in place – stories that keep us from being who we are. IC works at the deepest level of both joys and traumas – shedding light in miraculous ways by putting the tools in the hands of the one doing the creating. Intentional Creativity process and practice moves stuck energy in quantum ways, without either the teacher, or the client needing to be an energy expert or healer. Creativity does the work, it is beyond our expectations of what is possible, and, really really exciting.

Your Body of Work

As a Color of Woman Teacher trainee, you will build a body of work including 5 Master Paintings based in shaping your own ARCHETYPES: Legendary Self, Muse, Artist, Alchemist & Visionary. This painting process is occurring while learning the tools to bring Intentional Creativity into your existing practices, methods, and to your clients. Teachers in training are invited to start leading circles and classes as a soon as they are ready, as they work towards certification.

Our training includes an intensive module on all the basics needed to start or refine one’s business – with a comprehensive full color business plan process.  Women who are really ready to make a change, not only in the way they are living their life and creating income, but how they are powerfully architecting their futures, are invited to join us.

You will Gather the Women (and men if you choose)

Intentional Creativity can be applied to ANY THEME and shared by ANY ONE with a desire to serve. The real question the training invites you to dive into as your quest is, what is your content? Through exploring this question, a woman gains the power to curate her own consciousness utilizing the useful tools of intuitive painting, inspired writing and ritual.

Our teachers lead in diversity from what calls to their hearts. From Red Thread Circles to 13 Step Archetype Weekend Workshops to Weeklong Retreats, as well as Yearlong programs, Online creativity classes, we teach women who long to lead, how to do teach with the power of Intentional Creativity. We have graduates who have created their own schools, opened galleries and centers and have had art shows around the world. But with all of that, this training isn’t really about making good art and it isn’t about developing a ‘style’ of painting.

This sacred work is about expanding awareness and granting access to parts of ourselves we cannot reach otherwise – we need to journey inward. YOUR OWN CONTENT is what this is ALL about.

That is why it works with elders and children, in Corporate and Healing Centers, Education and Hospitals, Prisons, Social Services, and the ‘office’ of your choice. Some of our over 150+ teachers worldwide lead destination retreats and others serve on the front lines of suffering. Intentional Creativity can be applied to ANY THEME and shared by ANY ONE with a desire to serve. The real question the training invites you to dive into as your quest is, what is your content? Through exploring this question, a woman gains the power to curate her own consciousness.

Passing on a Gift and You Are Invited

Color of Woman is an invitation to curate your own consciousness and invite others to join you. We ask, what are you here to cause and create? If you feel called to journey on a quest towards revealing your soul work in the world…consider joining a circle of women for this year’s Color of Woman. Once you are Certified you will become a member of our global community of graduates who continue to work together in Leadership to bring their work into the world. We announce our graduates to over 20,000 people, list your websites and locations. Those who choose to, can continue on with our guild and not for profit developing the work and being in community.

ABOUT US: The Color of Woman School’s Intentional Creativity Training was developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, with the support of Sue Hoya Sellars, Caron McCloud, Mary MacDonald and Jenafer Joy and is a collaboration between the Intentional Creativity Foundation and Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC. Over twenty Color of Woman Graduates, now Guild Members return each year to support the next years class on their quest and for those who choose, join our Global Guild of Intentional Creatives. Our teachers include graduates, as well as Spirit Warrior, Carmen Baraka, a Native American elder teacher who brings ceremony to our trainings. Our Guidance Counselor, Sarah Mardell holds space for our students from Application through Graduation. The application process, video production, streaming and events is facilitated by Jonathan Lewis, of MotherShip.


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What is your sacred assignment? The Color of Woman Teacher training empowers women to deliver on their sacred assignment through strengthening the creative fire!