Shiloh & Jassy


A message from Color of Woman Graduate and Intentional Creativity Guild Teacher, Jassy Watson from Melbourne Australia to her community:

As many of you know earlier this year I had the absolute pleasure of co-creating gatherings in Sonoma, California with Shiloh Sophia, founder of the Intentional Creativity movement and the Colour of Woman School.

I graduated from the Colour of Woman training in 2013 and have been teaching and guiding women and girls on sacred creative journeys since. I hold classes out of studios in both Queensland and Melbourne Australia that encourage earth connection and self expression through Intentional Creativity processes. Since graduating I have taught more than 80 workshops including term classes, weekend workshops, e-Journeys, international retreats and day classes that inspire, awaken and transform. I cannot tell you how blessed I am to be sharing my passion for art and the earth through the process of Intentional Creativity, a process that invites one to engage in creativity consciously.

In recognition of my commitment to teaching and sharing this method with women from all over the globe, it has been announced that Earth Circle Studios, Queensland and Melbourne, are now the official Australian Branches for the Colour of Woman School.

What does this mean?

Well it means that I will be holding in person trainings and gatherings from both studios for new students and graduates of the online program offered by Shiloh through the Colour of Woman School. YAHOO!!!

If you are curious about this life changing and transformational creative teaching program stay informed of announcements and updates here:

“There comes a time in our lives, when finally, we have to say:
I am moving towards what I love to do. What I want to do. What I am meant to cause and create.” Shiloh Sophia McCloud