Doing Color of Woman isn’t reasonable.

In fact, it is really unreasonable.

It is a big commitment in time, resources and most of all, allocation of consciousness.

To take the next step on the path doesn’t always come with trumpets hailing our choice. Some of the biggest choices of my life made me shake in my boots, want to back out, wish I never even saw it and wondered if my Muse had gone off her rocker…

But then again, continuing in our lives without focusing on nurturing our life force isn’t reasonable either.

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Student, Sofie Pirkle, said this as The Color of Woman 2017 Training has come to a close:

“A way that I thought I may let myself be in 20 years is emerging now. If you know there are parts of you that want to come out and you are scared of what might happen, do the Color of Woman training. The container will midwife you and your deepest desires.”

Sophie & Oprah

Sofie is a Cult Recovery Expert and Trauma Transformation Mentor – as well as a dancer and a painter.

Last weekend I sat with two girlfriends as we talked about our business for over 8 hours – challenges, blessings, dares and dreams. After a good meal and slumber party at our place, I woke up the next day with a big ole’ idea. Almost everything we had talked about was related to being successful – making it work – running community – but almost none of it was truly deeply and profoundly about the deepest soul work. Rather it was the things we did, that we loved, to serve, and that is all well and good, but…If we were ONLY doing what we are here to cause and create the choices would be different.

Now I am not saying we can quit making money and follow our heart’s desire. What I am saying is we can know our hearts desire and weave it into our lives. To know our greatest offering for ourselves and the planet. To not neglect the thing we are here to cause and create – just to spend our days making a living. We have to – or we will lose vitality, maybe even get mad – and some of us will want to quit all together.

For me, Intentional Creativity is what I am here to cause and create. And I am joined by now over 200 women worldwide that also feel Intentional Creativity is what they are here to weave. The Color of Woman training is how I bring that offering onto the altar of creation.

I can tell you all the things you will get – believe me it is more than you can imagine – arriving at your own content on a vision quest is golden. But you have to feel it.

SO – check in, tap on your heart and listen. See if there is a quickening…. and if so…request to be informed of updates and our next enrollment cycle right here. This is a commitment – it is life changing – and you have to be willing to be unreasonable.

I look forward to our tea and red thread,










Poem ~ I Crave The Quickening

by Shiloh Sophia for the Color of Woman Class of 2016

I Crave the Quickening

There are days when you realize

that who you were is no longer who you are.

This could be a curiosity or a cause for grieving.

When we wake up, sometimes there is anger

at having been sleeping so long.

I get it. I really do.

Most of us have felt this way on one day or another.

Roll around on the ground for a while

hugging your knees to your chest

and wailing poetic distress if you must, then, get up!

We have work to do -and- you may be late,

or, perhaps right on time.


Today I am weaving with the lightning

of the gatekeepers who keep the gates of my circles.

Their threads are woven of the elements of course,

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether and Shimmer

My hands, no longer as quick as they once were,

are eager to see just what we might have made together.


Something I have never seen before emerges

as our common past threads create the fabric

for the uncommon future. Something

that wasn’t going to happen unless you showed up.


Yes. You. You there, the woman I saw

in the darkening lamplight at the red thread café that night.

That was before now, before the quest.

Before all visionary visions and late night teas

with my midnight muse or yours in the alchemy of soul fire.

A restless one aren’t ya? Ah. Me too.


It’s been quite a journey now hasn’t it?

We have been traveling forever to get here, haven’t we?

There is a quickening now because of you.

I can feel it moving like a storm brewing over water.

Rumbling. Humbling. Humming. Stirring the deep.

I sense that these gatekeepers are dangerous

in the best possible way.

They make me shake in my boots. Quaking to presence.


Tremble oh ye world of sleepers.

The wakened women have come

to rattle the windows of the soul with paintbrushes

filled with gold paint and stardust. Keep Watch!

Latch your doors if you desire to keep the sleep.

Things will never be the same again.

Those of us who have been waiting for this day

will do a jig in magenta boots with magic capes of scarlet

painted with poetry in a foreign tongue.


This isn’t a private party. But. There is an initiation.

What’s that you say – what will be required if you attend?

Well the quickening of course.

You have to agree to be quickened.

Which is a riddle only the initiates can ask you.

Don’t ask me the passwords.

I am only the weaver and the maker of the tea.

I joined this circle because I crave the quickening.


Painting: Emergence – She Eats Lightning for Breakfast

She Eats Lightning for Breakfast

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart all the way through to the portals open to my soul. I have grown, I have blossomed, I have fallen in love, I have used my hands to create, uncover, discover the breadth of beauty available to me!”

~ Cassielle Bull, Color of Woman 2017 Graduate & IC Teacher