A call to those desiring a quest.
A life changing experience that honors your creative self.
For so long, for too long we say yes to things that do not nurture.
Do you long to gather others and share your gifts?
Is your soul asking for something out of the ordinary?

How would you like to create a body of work, and travel with a group of powerful women and learn to teach with the potent transmission of Intentional Creativity?
~ Shiloh Sophia

Since time beginning humans have created and expressed themselves through sign and symbol to make sense of the world and their place in it. But somewhere along the way our natural tendency to create became quashed, judged, divided and consequently for many, the desire to create comes with a grappling fear of not being good enough. This is especially true for women who over the centuries have either been forced to hide or give up their creative gifts and talents or alter identities in order to lead a life of authentic self expression.

Well times they are a changing. A revolution has been taking place and now more than ever women have the opportunity to RISE UP, TRANSFORM, AWAKEN and RETURN to true nature; that is to CREATE.


Shiloh Sophia and her band of Cosmic Cowgirls, Color of Woman teachers and Intentional Creativity Coaches from around the globe are responsible for shaking things up and bringing a NEW wave of creativity that invites YOU to RE-CONNECT, RESTORE and REMEMBER your true creative feminine nature. Through powerful processes that can be taught to virtually anyone in any context lives are changing all over the world.


If you’re interested in the Color of Woman : Intentional Creativity Teacher Training,  Color of Woman Priority Enrollment will open again in late summer 2019 for the 2020 Training. Our March 2019 class is close to full, though we may open a few spots in January. To receive announcements and updates for Color of Woman – go here.

We invite you to signup for The INSIGHT Experience, a series of Free Global Seminars with Shiloh Sophia, to learn more about Color of Woman and Intentional Creativity.
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The Color of Woman teacher training changed the direction of my life in a BIG way. Since graduating in 2013 I have been teaching and guiding women and girls on sacred creative journeys that aim to inspire and awaken through the powerful processes of Intentional creativity. Since graduating I have taught up to 100 workshops including term classes, weekend workshops, e-Journeys and day classes both nationally and internationally.

I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be sharing my passion for art and the earth through the process of Intentional Creativity, a process that invites one to engage in creativity consciously. The Color of Woman training taught me many things, but importantly it showed me how to navigate my inner terrain and then express it authentically through word and image.

If you have heard the call now is the time to say YES!! 

While the entire course can be taken online, there are now more opportunities for women all over to gather in person with teacher graduates and undertake in-person training modules. Shiloh came to Australia in 2018 for the ARTIST gathering, a 5 day program that is a core component of the training. It was an amazing experience and we hope to have her come back soon…

“There comes a time in our lives, when finally, we have to say:
I am moving towards what I love to do. What I want to do. What I am meant to cause and create.”  ~ Shiloh Sophia Mcloud

In Love & Gratitude


Photo of Shiloh Sophia, Mary MacDonald (Co-Director for Color of Woman)
and Jassy Watson during Legend Painting Course 2017

Shiloh & Jassy