Dear Creative Beings,

We want to extend a bow of gratitude to those in our Color of Woman community and interest circle.

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Today we are sharing this gift with you, from Shiloh Sophia and the Intentional Creativity Foundation, a Poster about Curating Transformation through IC. This is for reading, downloading, sharing, printing to hang in your studio or pass out to friends and family as inspired. You can also share on Facebook here.


Download Poster as a Colorful PDF Here


There is so much more to painting than we may have really known in the past – or had access to.

Exploring the impact of creativity in our lives. Over 500 people responded to a survey conducted by the Intentional Creativity Foundation. We thought you might like to see a few of the results in categories near and dear to many of our hearts.

Re: Practice, Compassion, Self Expression and Well Being
*93% said they experience creativity as a mindfulness practice
*89% said they include creativity in their spiritual practice
*89% felt a sense of connection with the Divine
*86% felt that their creative practice positively impacted those closest to them
*92% feel that creativity influences their self compassion
*90% said they experienced compassion for others near them through practicing intentional creativity
*83% experienced compassion for others they did not know, through stories they heard
*87% consider themselves self expressed as compared to before they were creating
*86% said they have experienced breakthroughs and aha’s during painting specifically
*77% said they choose painting specifically to work through a chosen breakthrough
*90% said they have experienced a shift in their default thinking
*88% Experienced a shift in their personal story through creating with intention
*89% bring insights back into their life that they discovered while painting
*85% said they experienced an expanded sense of self
*79% noticed an ease of physical symptoms while creating
*93% experience creating as a relief that benefits their overall well being
*90% have experienced a shift in recurring emotional pain through creative process
*90% said that creativity helped them maintain a healthy outlook on life

May you find space in your life to paint as a priority. This isn’t a hobby. Isn’t a past time. Isn’t folly. Painting as personal medicine is the real deal.

With love and splash of color,

Shiloh Sophia & The Intentional Creativity Foundation