VISIONARY WOMAN: Global Gallery Show 2017

color 2017 larger circle

Congratulations to our Graduates & Teachers of Intentional Creativity!

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Photos taken from Graduation & Guild Gathering ~ January 2018  


Color of Woman 2017 Graduates

Alice Rhyslynn
Anne Barlow
Caroline Miskenack
Cassielle Bull
Clare Cassity

Corinna Jaeger
Danie May

Debra Hanes
Denise Jakob
Diane S. Merpaw
Dina VanDecker- Tibbs
Donna Bodnar Papenhausen
Beth Blakesley
Ellison James
Elmari Van Der Westhuizen
Erica Holmes Starks
Francesca Dell’ Acqua

Ginnette Walden
Ginny Parker
Gisela Pineiro
Holly Beall
Ilona Lantos
Irene Rimay Ahlberg
Jacky Fowler
Janis ColokathisVinuya
Jaryn Warren
Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Hamlett Herrick
Jo Laurie
Jolynn Van Asten
Juniper M Mainelis
Karen Sue Maunder
Katherine Torrini
Kathleen Marie Kathy Smith
Katie Witteman
Leisl M. Bryant
Lori Dobberstein
Lori Skoumal Reeves
Luna Baron
Michaelanne Gephart
Nancy A. Bruns
Phyllis Anne Taylor
Rien Cassidy
Star RhiAnnon
Suzette Murray
Svetlana Pritzker
Tammra Harrison
Tanya Kristina Machnick
Teri McGrath
Terre Cerridwyn Busse
Wendy Hartley


Color of Woman Students from Past Years who completed their Certification in 2017

Bella Stolz
Caryn McLaine
Christine McDevitt
Cornelia Wendt
Danna Clare
Erika Nelson
Jenny Kiely
Karen Murphy
Kate Gold
Louis Reed
Paulina Clark
Sharron Cuthbertson 
Tara Hookano

Message from Shiloh Sophia:

Dear Community,

I am super proud to announce the Color of Woman Graduating Class of 2017! WHOOOOOOOT! These women have journeyed for over 9+months – diving into the depth of their being to discover and reveal their soul work.

Each woman here created a body of work in the form of paintings and writings and the articulation of her own personal content and teachings. She faced her fears, and any story she had left to heal – and worked it out on her own terms. She taught classes when she was afraid and became bold. She likely thought of giving up, but didn’t. She completed on time by sending in her Initiate Book – a substantial record of her accomplishments.

She explored the primary archetypes we bring forth as the way we prepare teachers in this work. Hopefully she let go of some old patterns and stories and finds herself ready to be free, as herself. May her cup be overflowing.

She has gathered others into her Red Thread Circle and will continue to do so as a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher. Soon you will be able to find her listed in our IC Teacher Directory.

A Color of Woman student recently said to me – “many call their classes a Vision Quest, but this one really is” I agree. This is rigor unlike most women have ever experienced as it connects directly with what she is here to cause and create. I am always, yes always, amazed that anyone can even finish the work. Not because it is so much, or so hard, but because the commitment to FORGE one’s self into being a teacher is mighty. Self alchemy, self initiation. KAPOW!

May these women be a danger to the establishment they wish to transform. May they be mighty in the creation of a the curriculum of the future. May they be audacious in the creation of their work in the world of form. May they deepen into their primary relationships fully expressed. May they, with all of us in our circles, bring images of wholeness, beauty, transformation and revelation the places that need it the most.

WE TOGETHER ARE TRANSFORMING the IMAGE and EXPERIENCE of the feminine on the earth at this time. Starting with our own image – and moving on through until we can call other women to create their own images. Our focus on women does not exclude men, these women will bring this work to whomever they choose.

I hope you will cheer them on and support their work and understand yourself HOW MUCH WOMEN’S leadership is needed that is guided by women who are awakened and dedicated to themselves, and to service.

Intentional Creativity is one of the mighty tools in our medicine basket that they have said yes to. Most of these women were already solidly on their path – but knew that their own creativity was needed to bring their work to the next place – and in that – desired to bring that creativity to others in need.

When we enter COLOR of WOMAN it is a weaving of bringing all the parts that once seemed separate into wholeness. This is healing. This is action. This is now.

We give thanks to our teachers, who made this possible and to the Color of Woman Team who holds these women in the sacred container that is this work. Lenore, Sue, Caron and Jena, Mary, Emily, Sarah, Jeri & Jonathan and all the IC Guild members who read, supported and cheered this year’s students on in their work.

We need women leaders, healers, teachers and guides. I am here to announce these women to you and to the world. This is our 7th graduating class. COLOR of WOMAN as a ‘brand’ and idea has been alive and in action for 17 years and was the name of my first book and gallery and philosophy. I have barely looked up beyond this – knowing this is how I could most be useful in the world. How did I know? The women told me they needed it, and your Beloveds will tell you too, what they need if you listen. And I could bring into form because I had teachers to support me. We don’t have to do this alone.

Here we come. Watch out. Wake up. Let’s dance a happy dance for the revolution that is happening within each of us. We cannot wait for the revolution the world says is happening, we must each start it within our own inner world – and in that, bring it out into the world.

This is our show – Visionary Woman – with music from Juniper Bay Meadows, one of our 2017 Graduates. Get a cup of tea and enjoy the incredible works of these powerful women.

This is our show – Visionary Woman – with music from Juniper M Mainelis creating during her journey.

With great love and gratitude,

~ Maestra Shiloh Sophia


:::. A Poem for my 2017 Students .:::.

The Gift of Restlessness by Shiloh Sophia

May you be lucky enough

To have a poem wake you up

From a dead sleep

Pull your tangled hair

Yank you to the pen and page

For the reckoning hours

In answering calls of unrest

That only some are alive enough to discern

Discipline is formed through

Stories written on thin dry skin

Waiting to be read with tender fingers

Stories that might not otherwise be known

May you be blessed enough

To have an image long to be drawn

By your untrained hand

As you reach for pen and paper

The quivering begins, the mystery reveals

a bit of thigh from the midnight blue dress

In this invitation you sense a sacred rite

A secret society since forever

Where those who tempt the Muse and

In turn are tempted by the Muse

Meet in unseen realms to

Court restlessness as a long lost lover

May you be brave enough

Answer the call of the wild self

Who lives at the edge and has her art studio at

‘the bridge between the worlds place’

She calls to your domesticated self

To cross and leave mediocrity behind

May you recognize that your creative soul

Has the raw unbridled goods of medicine

That intuition howls at the moon here

Let your desire stir you from slumber

Rise to the occasion of your unrest my love

We are howling just across the ridge

Do you hear us?


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