Announcement : Priority Enrollment Cycle for Color of Woman 2019 : Intentional Creativity Teacher Training will open the Summer of 2018. The training will be March 2019 – November 2019. There is plenty to explore here on this site in the meantime.

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Should you have a question you may contact our Guidance Counselor, Sarah Mardell:

We open Enrollment nearly 9 months early to ensure each student receives a 1:1 Interview with Shiloh Sophia. While the Training begins in March, the Journey truly begins from the moment you say YES and claim your spot in the Circle.

We use the time prior to March as a way to integrate students gradually into the Training by providing a full list of materials to setup your home studio, schedule overview of dates for the Training, painting classes to get your brush moving and grooving, and more…

Students who apply during Priority Enrollment vs Open Enrollment receive between $1,000 – $4,000+ savings on Tuition, depending on the number of Gatherings you choose to attend in person. Plus, applying during Priority Enrollment secures you a spot in the Training should you be Accepted during your Interview.

Color of Woman is available to women all over the world. You can take the Training 100% Online or choose to join us for any or all of the in person Gatherings. This year we have Gatherings on-location in Sonoma CA , Mendocino CA, Florence Italy, Bundaberg Australia and Maui HI.

To receive the Opening Announcement for 2019 Priority Enrollment, be sure to add yourself to our ‘Circle of Interest’ HERE

Color of Woman 2019

The Color of Woman Training changed the direction of my life. I graduated in 2013 & have since taught up to 100 workshops for young girls & women in my local community, nationally & internationally with ongoing retreats in Greece & Bali. I have also plunged into my ultimate dream of pursuing a career as a professional contemporary Australian artist. COW taught me to take what lives in inside, outside. Forever grateful. Say YES! ~ Jassy Watson,