We love sharing Paintings, Poetry & Readings from Color of Woman Graduates who are now Intentional Creativity Teachers. Throughout the year we will be posting work from our Graduates as inspired. Enjoy!

She Moves Softly (edit)

She Moves Softly


Home in Myself

I have come into my own;
remembered the way home and
gave myself permission to travel the long road.

Here I am. All of me.
Embodied. Primal. Elemental. Cosmic.
My critic is overshadowed by my muse, and together we fly.
I pull light from the darkness and turn it into medicine,
I’ve learned alchemy.

Attempt to trick me with your illusionary tactics,
I am visionary and see past the veils now.
Your ideas of what’s good or right for me
turned bitter, and I prefer sweet.

Like that of the red berry that feeds my soul.
I choose to nourish myself,
for worthiness is no longer an outside job.


Caroline Miskenack, Color of Woman 2017 Graduate and IC Teacher, https://carolinemiskenack.com/     



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