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Intentional Creativity
Online Global Seminars 
with Founder and Curator,
Shiloh Sophia

Accessing Your Imagination + 
Diving Into Your Consciousness

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shiloh photo by gina fongJoin Shiloh Sophia, the Co-Founder of Intentional Creativity® for an enlivening series of seminars starting on August 15.

All details and ways to participate will be emailed once you RSVP.

This is for those interested in learning about Intentional Creativity + the possibility of becoming a Teacher so you can offer this technology to your clients, circles and groups.

In our time together for the INSIGHT EXPERIENCE we will explore…

  • What Intentional Creativity is and how to use it to bring INSIGHT into your life path.

  • Access the INSIGHT link between imagination and consciousness.

  • Learn more about the Intentional Creativity Teacher Training ~ Color of Woman 2019 to see if the experience is what you are looking for on your life path.

  • Reconciling the Critic and the Muse Paradox once and for all.

  • The INSIGHT Meditation for ‘chilling out’ instead of freaking out : ) + Red Thread Ceremony  

On August 15th the doors open to submit your application for
Color of Woman Training 2019! 

This is a FREE Experience! RSVP HERE

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