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Color of Woman 2019


Recently Shiloh Sophia asked Color of Woman Graduates about what the Color of Woman Training provided, opened, revealed or healed, especially those who provide service modalities like teaching, coaching and healing, and how they have woven Intentional Creativity into their life’s work.

Here’s what they had to say:

5 years after graduating Color of Woman: Intentional Creativity Teacher Training I am still teaching – now 3 full days a week, some weekend classes and yearly international retreats and earning a good income with flexible hours. I have the BEST job in the world made possible by taking this training. It comes with highest recommendations”
~ Jassy Watson 

Thru Intentional Creativity and my Color of Woman Training I am living a dream of traveling and sharing creativity! I am now a Red Thread Traveler bringing creativity to my tribe as I travel North America (and more). Not only do I teach Intentional Creativity, but my whole outlook on life and how I choose to live it has changed! Thank you Shiloh Sophia and the whole Intentional Creativity Guild and the Cosmic Cowgirls!”
~ Sepha Nisbet 

My training as a Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher has sky-rocketed my joy and my offerings within the context of the coaching’s and trainings which I give! It is a powerful tool which deepens and accelerates this work not only for my clients but also for myself. Ever since working with this powerful tool my clients have increasingly said that Intentional Creativity is life changing and has brought my creativity and my ability and joy to manifest things back home to me”. I can highly recommend this training … you will have this information forever and you will never be the same. Much joy to all those who decide to walk this path!”
~ Easula Sedlmaier

After nearly 20 years in the healing arts, and a lifetime of being told I wasn’t an artist, I began my own healing journey through art, and then decided to share the healing with my beloved’s, and so I went through Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training in 2017. I receive more access to the contents of my soul through Intentional Creativity than the countless hours I tried to spend on the meditation mat. Now I weave Intentional Creativity  and Red Thread circles with my trainings in other modalities, plus creative business planning for my beloveds that are healers and creatives. Intentional Creativity was also the catalyst for my 20 years vision of having a sacred space where I can share my gifts, but also other healers, creatives and visionaries can share their gifts. Through Intentional Creativity I shed the robes of fear and isolation and stepping into visibility in order to show up for myself and others.”
~ Dina Tibbs 

I have become someone very different than I imagined I could be as a result of this work. And who I am is actually the authentic and empowered me. I teach, I paint, I write, I create content, I collaborate and I love. I might have done some of those things but probably not all of them and not so wholeheartedly. I feel deeply blessed. And you will find deep soul friends who love and support you in this work as well. That might be the best part.”  ~ Trish O’Malley

Finding the work of Shiloh Sophia many years ago opened a portal to access the world of painting in a new way for me. After a few classes with her, I decided to apply for Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training which opened an even greater space which became pivotal in how I would choose to do my life work. After graduating from Color of Woman in 2016, I envisioned moving out of my corporate job and now I am living the dream of being an artist, teacher & healer thru Intentional Creativity as well as working with the Guild as adjunct faculty. Dreams do come true!”
~ Hobby Parent

“I loved my journey through Color of Woman in 2015. I’m one who has always identified as an artist and creative, and my Muse loves the depth and Alchemy of Intentional Creativity! My path for several decades has been healing, offering bodywork and as a Reiki Master and teacher. I’ve woven the Red Thread into my Reiki classes (which already included Sumi-e in 2nd and 3rd degree classes) and my students love it.

Since 2014, I’ve had several one woman shows of “my ladies” in the area (Oregon’s wine country) and have my art in a local gallery.I’m a Harper, and played harp at my Artist’s Reception at “my” gallery. I’m always intrigued when someone says, “Oh! You’re an artist, aren’t you?! I love your work” or “I’ve been following your posts, your art is so inspiring!”
In addition to hosting Red Thread Circles monthly, I love opening the door for my SiStars Muses to shine through Intentional Creativity classes and workshops. My grandkids love to “do art” with their Grammie, and we have our own paint parties. My first Muse Day class was with my three middle Grands, then 11, 12 and 13. Gregory and Shiloh entered their Muses in their local fair, and won ribbons! I’m working on my first online offering, which is in the vision stage at present.

I serve the Guild as Adjunct faculty, hearth tending for Red Madonna, Red Thread Cafe Classroom, PRISM, Black Madonna the Red Thread Guide program and Support for Color of Woman, and guiding local Color of Woman students. If Intentional Creativity has lit your own creative fires, and you have even a whisper of interest in Color of Woman, or a dream of nurturing Muses and sparking others, you’re invited.”
~ Nadya King 

I cannot even imagine my life without Intentional Creativity. Working with IC has changed the entire focus of my life. Every day begins with intention and creation.”
~ Annette Wagner 

This work has transformed my life in ways I never imagined.. changed old thinking and stories into new belief creative life is part of my spiritual practice and I offer workshops in my Gypsy heart studio. I completed the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training in 2015 and since then, have been teaching classes, both collaboratively in groups and on a 1:1 basis….some of my art has been blessing a public place for the past two years and they are also selling my cards and prints. I have met many people who respond to the images of Sacred Feminine and want to know more. I feel like this body of work is changing the world and is an antidote to the difficult things in the world. it is making such a difference…….I am so grateful for what it has done for my life and I love Shiloh and Jonathan and all the red Madonna and cosmic cowgirl community…. ~ Olivia Oso

Before I engaged in and completed the Color of Woman 2017 Intentional Creativity Teacher Training I didn’t show my art consistently or often, and was usually surprised when asked to show it! I certainly did not teach or easily speak in front of groups as a matter of course! Intentional Creativity moved me to open up and create images I would never have thought to paint but I knew immediately when I saw a “Shiloh” painting that, that was how I wanted to paint! How I wanted others to feel about my paintings. Wanting to succeed, wanting to change the way I was living my life, I jumped in and took the risk and became a C​olor of Woman​ student. The way I did anything and everything changed. I transformed limited beliefs about myself into awareness of my Divine Feminine potential. I now teach creativity classes consistently and I get asked to speak to various groups of up to 30 people.
~ Phyllis Taylor

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