Greetings dearest heart, sending love to you this day! Ready to get a cup of tea and watch my new video? Links are above – and I thought this might be interesting for you about how I work – and maybe inform how you work.

Often people ask me how I receive my information and my inspiration… 

Inspiration is an easy one, as I am just honestly fired up with the beauty of life itself and this earth and my chance to live here in it, on it and in a dance with being human. I am sensual, so all of my senses are awakened by my surroundings and I am inspired. I also have a fixation on beauty – and just do better in beautiful places. Who doesn’t right? Nature fills my soul with wonder. 

However…about information access I had to really think about it at first. I know that in teaching, I learn. When I feel the energy of the room, of those gathered, and my heart goes out to them… I begin to receive information. It’s pretty awesome actually and I am learning more and more how to teach this ‘downloading’ stream of consciousness to the women in my Intentional Creativity Teacher Training. But also when I am on video, or livestreaming, the love I have for whoever I am making the video for INFORMS what I say and the energy emanating from the screen.

Regarding the video, the Myth of Colored Ribbons, I was supposed to be making a video for the Color of Woman Invitation, which means I had a plan for sharing all about this great work that I love. But then something else happened. I turned on the computer and started to speak and a story came out. Yep. Just popped out. Has that happened to you before?

I saw the story happening and I narrated it as I saw it. It was delightful and invigorating and a bit clunky. Could it use editing and refining? Of course. Does it need it? Maybe. It isn’t directly about Color of Woman, or perhaps it is 🙂 since it is about tribes learning from the ancestor elders and then sharing it with other tribes. That is what we do around here. 

Anyway, I wanted to share it with you. I haven’t been writing much since I am deeply involved in videos with INSIGHT, my free Intentional Creativity Seminars, if you missed it you can still sign up. Lots of details below about what I am up to these days and how you can study with me for free and in my new 13 moon course. 

How do you receive your information? Have you asked yourself this question before?

Sending big love to you and colored ribbons,