“Through teaching Intentional Creativity I intend to share my past with it’s pain and it’s healing journey with other women who have been hurt by showing the women how they can release their hurts visually.”

Phyllis A. Taylor, Pannet Art Studio & Intentional Creativity Teacher

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Shiloh and Phyllis Pannet

brush stroke red to yellow

We are so pleased to be able to share this wonderful painting created for our community to represent our desire, our reality, and our vision for diversity among women across cultures. We commissioned this as a stand for women across cultures to come together in circle. www.redthreadconnect.us Join us twice a month in two different time zones and connect with women around the world.


A Red Thread Runs Through Us by Phyllis A. Taylor of Pannet Art Studio


Dear One,

I am so happy to share with video with you from Phyllis which I called Watch Grandma Go! This was recorded during the Color of Woman Visionary Gathering as the opening to a module we teach our teachers to teach called, The Vision Plan. We thought you might enjoy this and get inspired! I have been teaching this module for over 15 years and I loved inviting Phyllis to teach it to the class of 2018.

Phyllis Taylor, a 70+ year old ‘retired’ grandma from Florida took the Color of Woman Training so she could be a legend for her grandchildren! She didn’t know how she could make it happen, or what she would do with it, she just knew she had to do it.

The two women had only been connected online until this week. Listen to her story and how she has put the work to use in serving others through youth to elders. See the painting Phyllis created in honor of the community to share diversity for Red Thread Connect called a Red Thread Runs Through Us.

Founder, Shiloh Sophia invited Phyllis to come teach at the 2018 Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training to share what she has been up to. This video is at the start of a daylong process on creating Visionary Business Plans that Phyllis lead for over 100 women gathered in studio and online.

Phyllis says: “Through teaching Intentional Creativity I intend to share my past with it’s pain and it’s healing journey with other women who have been hurt by showing the women how they can release their hurts visually.Through acknowledgement of their pain and putting those feelings on paper or canvas, gives them another way to express themselves.

Showing how they can intentionally change the stories that live within themselves, the stories that shaped them, the stories that are stored deep within their beings. They can use image as a way to change the stories, creating new images of and for themselves.” Learn more about Phyllis at https://pannetartstudio.wordpress.com/

Here’s our whole Visionary group from our retreat!
( missing one purple haired Diva and another one footed Diva)

Visionary 2018 group photoVisionary 2018 photos 2Visionary 2018 photos

Teaching is my joy! If you have ever thought of being a teacher – well let me tell you that sharing your gifts is amaze-balls. The giving and receiving that is felt is truly phenomenal and gives you the courage to move ahead with your visions.

This was for the Color of Woman 2018 Visionary gathering in Sonoma, CA! We were exploring right brain, left brain, the heart and consciousness. We took a deep dive into the intersection of generosity and philanthropy. We laid down shame and old karmic cycles regarding money, having and giving. We reached out into the cosmos connecting red threads with the Beloveds we will serve through Intentional Creativity. We learned the visionary book and created full color business plans. We collaborated and lifted up new leaders. We broadcasted this to those around the world Who could not attend in person. We dreamed up dreams that are so big our hearts had to expand to see it. We connected with our own intuitive in the moment knowing. We told stories we have never told. We claimed our own creative lineages and those who helped us get to where we are. We honored the ancestors of IC. We sang songs of transformation. We gathered in sisterhood. And we hosted the Visionary Philanthropist show! Love love my job and cherish these women!!!

This is the life! This work, these women, will reach thousands with their messages. We embody the future.

Here’s my Vision Plan book in color in process…

shiloh visionary book 2018.png

There is no question that it is more than time for a big ole’ change in out-dated systems. When I was younger I did more one on one work on front lines including the front line of just having a gallery where anyone could walk in. Now I teach teachers to awaken creativity and I feel this is not only the best use of my time but the best thing anyone can do – offer their gifts. This gathering is about how to bring it out into the world – how to bring the invisible to the visible and then the really visible of showing up in the marketplace.I hope this is interesting to you…to see women making changes in the world and changing the face of the feminine, one painting at a time. Watching Grandma come out of retirement and teach and make a living in new and wonderful ways. The truth is we have LOTS of grandmas who are graduates and practitioners around the world with Intentional Creativity – children are being raised in ever more creative environments. That makes me really happy.

With love to each of you…