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Dear One,

In Color of Woman we believe that Teachers don’t just give answers. They create an environment in which the student can arrive at their own answers. Yet creating this kind of container is a sacred act, and yes, does involve some skill. That skill however, doesn’t have to be a talent, as in, you don’t need to be a charismatic rockstar to teach. Rather, LOVE, translated into action on behalf of the students, is the primary skill needed to create a container, in which a student can arrive at their own information.


In Intentional Creativity, our trained Teachers are guided to create a space of self initiation for those they work with. The ‘method’ is simply there as a place of access, the painting is the result of an intention explored. And the Teacher, is the one brave enough to invite others into their own crucible of discovery. Which means, she has to get out of the way enough to ‘listen’ truly to the energy of what is needed, ready and available to the student in that moment in space and time.

In Color of Woman: Intentional Creativity Teacher Training, the entire curriculum is a self initiation, designed to get a woman ready to share herself with those she longs to serve. Shiloh Sophia doesn’t initiate you. You do that yourself. She is there as a witness and for encouragement on your path.

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If you have any questions about the training, contact our Guidance Counselor, Sarah Mardell: She’s happy to provide support.

many blessings along the Red Thread,

The Color of Woman Team


Join our circle of women leaders, healers, teachers and revolutionary guides. Because we need you. Our world needs powerful women who have a full cup and a basket full of tools, tricks and treasures. We at Color of Woman will do our best to share our gifts with you so that your cup overflows with offerings for yourself and others. Together we will grow strong.

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“I am a Color of Woman 2014 graduate and it totally changed my life! I met amazing women…and new best friends. I absolutely loved Shiloh’s brilliant teachings and Mary McDonald’s (StellaMac’s) biz wisdom! I now use Intentional Creativity to teach Healing the Healer workshops to social workers to support them to heal secondary traumatic stress and rejuvenate. (And to explore play with creative expression!). 

I’ve taught 100s of social workers and youth in the foster system. I work with three Regional Academies in California and UC Davis, teaching groups from 10 to 100+ people! I just brought IC to Soul Camp as well. Color of Woman is a powerful, transformative course and method. I highly recommend it!!!!! If you are curious and want to see how I’ve used the method in work and life you can check out my website. Sending you oodles of love!!!!”

~ Rachel Bavis,

Rachel Bavis is a lawyer who works in the field of social work on behalf of children and those serving the children. This is a class she developed called Heal the Healer that has now been taught to hundreds of social workers, serving those who serve others. Together we can create the world we want to see by living it ourselves.

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