Color of Woman Teacher Training 2020 is opening for registration soon. To stay informed please visit Color of Woman Teacher Training.

A futuristic innovative healing model has emerged.

We are calling a council and you are invited.

The training is available all online.
With optional gatherings in California, United States and Australia.
This will be the 10th year of the Intentional Creativity Training®.
We currently have over 300 teachers around the world.

Intrigued? Keep reading.

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“Circle of Friends” Escalante Caves, Utah

brush stroke red to yellow

 Are you called to gather others in your circle?
Do you long to share your gifts in a sacred container?

Have you already been doing your work,
but know there is something more?

How would it feel to have an offering so powerful
that lives change before your eyes?
And have a great time doing it?!

Guiding Intentional Creativity circles and experiences not only impacts the lives of those you serve, but YOU are transforming WHILE you lead. In a lot of healing modalities, the practitioner has to give give give and then there is little left for them. Sound familiar? Maybe you have already been experiencing this – have you been wondering : How can I do my work, do what I care about, make a living and not empty myself?

You are not alone in your desire for changing the way we work. In our innovative model – YOU do your work at the same time. You don’t put your life on hold while you work. Or take on the pain of others to transmute it. You also don’t need to be an expert to gather others, or have all your stuff in a perfect pile. You just have to feel the call and have a few tools.

What if what our world needs is authentic, wild, self expressed women guides? Is that you?

Many of the traditional and cultural models of healing aren’t working for many of us anymore – where we sacrifice our well being for the good of the whole, or the individual. Many of us feel we are in need of the future of transformational change work that includes our personal self expression. Our community believes we have found it! Intentional Creativity is actually a revolutionary change in how women work with others in the field of healing, consciousness and transformation.

Those of us who work with others know that true healing, and any real answers are within each person. And of course, their own relationship with Source. So let’s get on with the innovative hybrid technologies that give those we work with direct access! Access to the place the hidden self resides. So that the client/student/beloved can do their own work. Many modalities are emerging at this time – this is the one that works with image, color, language, consciousness, intuition and self expression.

There is a riddle here however, because image and language are one of the ways the hidden self makes herself known. If those tools are not provided, too much remains closed in the mind – and not lived out in our lives.

Intentional Creativity isn’t just painting, although that is what we focus on in the training because it is such a direct access to our own information. Intentional Creativity is movement, song, pottery, cuisine, sculpting, jewelry, welding – all of the creative arts can be approached with this framework.

If you are feeling called, or a stirring in your soul, come spend an hour or so having tea with me in a unique video interview.

Is it your year?

Color of Woman Teacher Training

A new archetype of healer is emerging. We are the emergent design of the future when we say yes to our soul work. We are calling teachers, leaders, healers, therapists, practitioners, priestesses, poets, artists, musicians and change agents from around the world to the table. We are inviting you to a training in which YOUR FOCUS is activating the work of your soul – while you learn to share this gift with others. Both/And.

Some of us have a hard time justifying doing something for ourselves. Others of us are tired of just taking more training to help, but don’t get helped ourselves. This training is both/and. Save you, and through that, save the world that matters to you (if that is your jam).

You are invited with open arms, to this council of wild women emerging.

You don’t need this training to be a teacher or call others into circle. You have your own content, so why do the training? Perhaps you are called because you personally long for something for you : a cycle of time dedicated to your own breakthroughs and self discovery. Maybe you have been pouring out your cup and you need a refill of beauty to nourish your own creative flow. How would it feel to actually create a series of paintings that represent, in image and language, your soul work in the world? Can you see yourself journeying in a group of women doing sacred, powerful transformational work?

The majority of our students say that COLOR of WOMAN was one of THE most powerful experiences of their lives – that is was what they had been looking for all of their lives – and have finally found it. And one of the best parts of all, is that once you graduate and become an Intentional Creativity Teacher, our community continues together – a Global Guild of creatives who work together across the world serving through self expression and tools for transformation.

I hope you will consider joining us for the adventure of a lifetime….


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We invite you to get a cup of tea and explore the Training. If you’re new to learning about Color of Woman, learn more here:

And…if you choose to take only the Core Online Training – that is all you need to Certify and become an Intentional Creativity Teacher – we have women around the world join us via the gift of technology.

For any questions or inquiries about the Color of Woman Training, simply reply to this email and Color of Woman Guidance Counselor, Sarah Mardell, will get right back to you. You can always email her directly at

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Painting in process: Color of Woman Muse Gathering 2018. Yes, I am painting with a red rose, because she asked…


“If you are considering taking Color of Woman, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Shiloh teaches at a level that opens you to new places within yourself. Is it challenging? YES! Is it risky? YES! Is it totally transformative in a way that will rock your world and guide you to become a more authentic you? ABSOLUTELY! The Color of Woman School is a life-changing experience to bring you through your own material and story, to go out into the world with the healing only you can bring”

~ Color of Woman 2018 Graduate, Ally Markotich