There is no better way to know if the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training is for you, then to read about the experiences of the women who have walked the path before… Here we have collected the insights, thoughts and wisdom shared from students of the Color of Woman 2018 Training. Enjoy!

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We asked those who have been through the training: What would you tell a friend considering the Color of Woman Training?




Be ready for a wild ride and count on your life changing dramatically in your favor!

Color of Woman was a wild and beautiful ride. I experienced so many shifts including learning to accept who I am, finding courage to authentically be myself around others, stepping up and raising my voice to be heard, claiming myself as artist, and allowing myself the chance to dream and confidence to know that I can make them come true. I feel well prepared to start my own creative business. I highly recommend the Color of Woman program.
~ Jillian McGill


No matter what your fears are……whether it’s financial/not enough time/fear of rejection/not being good enough/experienced enough, etc. —> Take a leap of faith anyway!! Answer the call! Because this life is so precious and fleeting, there is never ‘The Perfect Time’ – there’s only this PRESENT moment. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Trust that you answered this call for a reason. It is not by chance, this could potentially be one of the most important journeys of your life – it has been for many other women. Many of the women that came before you will be excitedly waiting in our Red Thread Cosmic Cowgirls Collective to hold space for you. Take action and the Universe and heavens, in all their glory, will rise up to meet you. YOU MATTER and I BELIEVE IN YOU!! Take the first step and let each new step reveal itself as you go along the path.

This has definitely been one of the most extraordinary journeys of my life. I am so very grateful to Shiloh Sophia for your vision, patience, love, nurturing and exemplary skills as a teacher in articulating Intentional Creativity, our lineage and all the gifts contained in Color of Woman and our Vision Quest. What a ride!
~ Lisa Adriana


Sherry Rueger Banaka-Visionary_Sacred_Energy

Sacred Energy

Go for it! This is way more powerful, magical, fun and exciting than you can even imagine!

The Vision Quest of the Intentional Creativity Color 18 Teacher Training was far more powerful than I ever imagined. It took me on a magical journey to places I hadn’t dreamed I could go and helped me recognize that I really am creative, and I really am an artist! Not only that, the paintings I created through Shiloh’s 13-step processes actually woke me up more deeply to the sacredness of life, my role in it, and a deeper calling in my work of helping people heal from their inner wounds. Inspired especially by my final Visionary painting, “Sacred Energy,” I discovered the work I am called to and want to do is to help others heal enough that they too can wake up to the sacredness of life, and I am very privileged and excited to now collaborate with others in co-creating a new Unity of Consciousness.  
~ Sherry Rueger Banaka


Margie O'Connor Fierce Tenderness

Fierce Tenderness

This is a wonderful way to get in touch with your inner way of knowing and will help direct you in the next stage of your unfolding.

I have discovered the sacred in my artist’s tools of paint, water, canvas and brush. Of late they have become the vessels of the altar of my own unfolding. As I place marks on the page saying I am here I watch as word and image come together. Creating makes me happy as I tap into the deepest powers of soul and universe. Creative Imagination allows for divine cosmic energy to be made visible so we can see and own what we are here to cause and create on this earth. Once a person’s consciousness is awakened they are unstoppable and ready to bring into form their dreams. As a Color of Woman graduate, I support women doing this transformative work so as to deepen their impact in the world. I believe that it is together that we rise and we need to put our gifts to the service of the cosmos.
~ Margie O’Connor 


Oh wow, best experience and journey you’ll ever take. A heart, soul, and creativity opener of the highest order.

I feel a level of confidence regarding Intentional Creativity that now lives in my cells. I own it. (thanks to Shiloh and the training). I also have language for this work which eluded me prior to the training. I feel SO happy to be a part of this, to have ‘checked the box’ prior to incarnating to cross paths with IC, the lineage, and the work. In other words my happiness quotient has increased by a factor of divine deliciousness 

For anyone considering this journey, I highly recommend you say yes to yourself. Do whatever it takes to walk through this door and you will find treasure you can’t possibly imagine until you do. I’m graduating as a Color of Woman 2018 artist/woman/legend/alchemist/visionary/muse and can tell you it was the best choice I’ve made. EVER. Cheers to your “yes”! 
~ Laurie Morse

Petra Rosenthal She Who is

She is now who she was born to be and she lives like she is living

This is not a painting course. This is a vision quest into the landscapes of your Self. You will learn to paint beautiful paintings with the Color of Woman method, but that you can learn in other workshops. Color of Woman training will help you rewire your brain, retrain your habits to really live and inhabit the woman you want to be. If you stick to the program and do what is required you will feel a shift.

I had two fears: That I would not be “enough”, good enough, talented enough, positive person enough, whatever. And that whatever would be taught, I would not get it, that everybody around me would ‘find’, ‘claim’, ‘develop’, ‘soar,’ but not me. After Color of Woman, I smile about myself with self-love. The Color of Woman experience has given me the courage to open all of my senses, to face my thoughts and emotions without fear as self expression and to express myself as an artist with my whole being in the world. I am so proud to finally think my own thoughts, feel my own feelings, and bring my unique self to the world. And not be a tiny anxious shaken creature anymore. I am Woman and I know what I want. Wow. I never thought I’d say that.
~ Petra Rosenthal


Do it! I’m the author of seven (soon to be eight) published books, and very thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to have done them, but I’m not sure I’ve ever felt before the exact mixture of awe and accomplishment I’m experiencing now upon having completed my Artist Initiate Book. As many of you know, I’ve been in Shiloh Sophia’s Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher training this year, and it’s truly been a life-changing journey—this book is a compilation of all the assignments and musings (literal and metaphorical) that have been a part of that. I feel so, so, so blessed to have done this work…deepest thanks and a bow to you, beautiful Shiloh.
~ Maggie Oman Shannon

Viginia Masson The Wayfinder

The Wayfinder

I believe you have timed this training perfectly. There is no way to dive into the work in a shorter amount of time and the required completion date was a great impetus for me. Things moved along with enough pressure to keep me interested but never enough to force surrender. It was all laid out so perfectly and the logic of it is astounding! I felt like I was a flower pushing through the dirt, reaching for the sun, fattening with life and then unfurling into my own glorious self. As wonderful as all of the design was, the most valuable aspect was the love the was ever present, through each stumble and step. From Shiloh, the team and all of my beloved SiStars. It never wavered.

I spent my life searching for something I could not name. I wanted to bring more peace to myself and to the world through my art and just being more peaceful was too passive for me. I didn’t know how to move forward into active peacebuilding but I found the answers through the Color of Woman training. Shiloh Sophia provided the process, information and tools I needed to be able to share my passion for peace with my beloveds. I am now prepared to work as an artist and teacher in my community and the world while putting my own peacebuilding spin into the process. 
~Virginia Masson

All those ladies getting excited and getting ready for Color of Woman 2019. Hang on to your Cowgirl boots straps. This is the most exciting adventure you could possibly do. In the safety of your home and the Red Thread sisters. To think that I am almost done is bittersweet. Push away from the shore…into the deep waters.
~ Lezli Palmer

Sparkly Badass Muse Tricia Ballad

Sparkly Badass Muse

Do it! But make sure you have support, because you won’t be the same person by the end. You’ll be so much more deeply YOU, and your whole worldview will change and expand. Your mind is going to blow – repeatedly!

I have more confidence in myself. I think it comes from a realization that I “have my own information” and can do so much more than just re-frame what I’ve learned from others. When I take bits of learning gathered up from here and there and transform them, I create something new and wonderful! Color of Woman has given me a deeper insight into myself, and has shown me the power and confidence that had been buried deep inside me all along!
~ Tricia Ballad


Cynthia Hymowutz-My_Muse

My Muse

It’s a big commitment and SO worth it.

Color of Woman training is brilliant, compassionate, challenging, healing, empowering, and exciting. In addition to being a personal vision quest, it lays the groundwork for a successful business in Intentional Creativity as well as a superb training in painting for both experienced and brand new painters. As a artist, psychotherapist, and consciousness teacher I have worked with many well-known teachers and this training has been the icing on the cake. I am so glad that I said “yes” to such a beautiful gift to myself.  
~ Cynthia Hymowutz


She Who is Brave Amanda Abreu

She Who is Brave

I would tell them it’s not for everyone. It is a program that is life changing and rewarding and challenging and beautiful. But enrolling does not automatically mean you will see life-altering changes. There is so much work that needs to be done internally to work through this program, and not everyone is ready for it. But if it calls to you, then it will be a beautiful experience.

Color of Woman called to me at a time in my life when I needed it most. I had never painted on a canvas before enrolling and had zero art experience. It was a dream for me to one day call myself an artist, never mind a teacher. By following the call, I ended up right where I am supposed to be. I am launching my own courses, holding workshops and creativity circles, and plan to sell my art. All things I never would have imagined were possible. The work I completed during this process makes me feel so proud. I am proud not only of my artwork, but for the woman I have become. I am stronger, I am braver, I am smarter, I am happier. I never knew that art could make this much of a difference in my life. Now I get to teach others the same things. I am so thankful my red thread brought me to Shiloh and Color of Woman. I am forever changed. 
~Amanda Abreu


Gen X Visionary Sue Bayley

Gen X Visionary

Go for it girl… find your inner voice and gain more self esteem!

This quest isn’t for the faint hearted. You need vision, and a warrior spirit to delve into the inner depths of your soul. Be willing to go where the paintbrush leads, and fear not the glaze…. say Yes… 
~ Sue Bayley


Our Lady of Potent Love and Sweet ABundance Julie Steelman

Our Lady of Potent Love & Sweet Abundance

Do it! Run don’t walk!

There is a self within all of us that yearns to be well known by our inner most heart. The most exquisite, beautiful and efficient way to access that unique code of the self is by taking Color of Woman. The time has come for the creative heart of women, which will make the difference in the world, to be fully expressed. Color of Woman is the right of passage for the modern day woman who craves a feminine software upgrade. 
~Julie Steelman


WOW! What an amazing ride it has been for me in the Color of Woman 2018 Intentional Creativity Teacher Training. I have gained so much insight myself through the painting process and the wisdom filled and entertaining teachings of Shiloh. The support offered whilst in training is the best I have experienced.

Through my life I have always loved to make stuff, however I hadn’t been courageous enough to paint, possibly to left over residue from a art teacher in high school. During this wonder filled teacher training my confidence in my painting ability has grown through each of the painting journeys. And yes there have also been moments of frustration, angst and tears but having a place to hold them in my canvas helped me process these. I am so grateful to have been a part of this journey of self discovery and empowerment. I feel blessed that I can share this with others upon graduation. Thank you Shiloh and all the amazing Color of Woman team. Warmest Wishes to 2019 Color of Woman.
~ Maree Pilling



The Artist

Be sure you want to wake up before you start. It is a life changer.

If you stay in the process you will change. If you are willing, you will also grow. Finding a way to reconnect with ones self is nothing short of a miracle. I am grateful for the opportunity this training has given me and look forward to sharing it with others. 
~Sherri Odelson


Innerlijk Kompas Margo Van Strien

Innerlijk Kompas

This is not a painting course. This is a vision quest into the landscapes of your Self. You will learn to paint beautiful paintings with the Color of Woman method, but that you can learn in other workshops too. Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training will help you rewire your brain, retrain your habits to really live and inhabit the woman you want to be. If you stick to the program and do what is required you will feel a shift.

Color of Woman is a life changing experience. After I did the work I now feel ready – with a wonderful body of work – to step in the world to teach and share Intentional Creativity. I now have insight on how create with intention works. Now I know how to cross the alchemical bridge for healing.  

~ Margo Van Strien


Margaret Trost-She_Who_is_Wise_and_Brave

She Who is Wise and Brave

Make time for it if you want to shake things up and change. This training is transformational! It’s expertly designed and lovingly taught by women who guide you into your depths. Prepare to be amazed, inspired, and altered in ways that expand your consciousness and unleash new forms of self- expression and service.

Color of Woman is life changing! Every step of this training is expertly designed and lovingly taught. It’s a deep dive into the soul that expanded my consciousness, awakened my inner artist, and set her voice free!
~ Margaret Trost


img_6183-1Wellll…drum roll. Yesterday I drove 19 of my paintings over to our biggest coffee shop in town and the ART curator and I grouped and hanged them. I will post the results later…but I must say it took my breath away to sense, perhaps I AM an artist, for real. A retired singer, now painter like Joan Baez!!! I told the curator, at the end, this is my FIRST show, thank you for choosing me. Each painting holds an intention, and creatively I express it, the method is called, of course, Intentional Creativity developed by Shiloh Sophia and I got certified in the Women of Color Training. I consider the process cathartic, expressive and profoundly moving. On the back of each painting I had a laminated card describing the WHY for the painting and the curator said they should be displayed outside on the wall!!! Oh that felt vulnerable. But right. After all, if someone else paints or experiments because of me, that is what it is all about. ~Jan Jorgensen


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