Morphea Luna – The Essence of Being_Svetlana Pritzker

Morphea Luna – The Essence of Being by Svetlana Pritzker

The Goddess of Exquisiteness

Wearing sequins, boas, and feathers,
She shows up, sparkling with the paint and glitter.
Calling red-thread circles to vision and muse together,
Drumming her drum, she is an Earthly Goddess and a Celestial Transmitter.

She seeks no approval, living in a state of continued gestation.
Her books are best-sellers, and her art is a blockbuster.
Steering her brigantine of the infinite exploration,
The flow of her hair in the wind is a torrent of the tasseled luster.

Holding her golden brush like a spear,
She cuts through the nonsense and a mediocre pretense.

Using words that are deep, meaningful and clear,
She is not scared of being ridiculed. She is immense.

Her poems are perceived and regarded as the templates for action.
She is present to being seen and received with reverence.
Her fresh, cheerful colors create a morphic field of the divine attraction.
She is a role model, sharing her creative inheritance.

She is not hiding her fears or her super-charged personality.
Vulnerable, she laughs, cries, and moves authentically.
With her, you do not feel inferior to her multi-dimensionality
Because she is unique, kind and inspiring, not superior.

Gifting the world with her enormous contribution,
She reveals her purpose, friendship, and your absolute significance.
Daring you with her eccentric style and uninhibited joy,
She helps you spread your wings and play your role in the human evolution.

svetlanahis poem is inspired by Shiloh’s personality and work and is dedicated to Shiloh.
This is also connected to my inner journey from mediocrity and artificial pretense to finding your own exquisite unique style of being and expression.

~ Svetlana Pritzker, Color of Woman 2017 Graduate and IC Teacher. Visit her website HERE.



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