“When you finally choose to focus on your own work – the world changes before your eyes. You can see what you were not seeing before. That choice moves us into position, to receive the support we have been calling in.

Engaging in experiences that support our soul work, creates the initiatory ritual that can move us from the way we have been being, into a new co-creative framework. Our own personal archetype development needs time and the tenderness of an archeologist’s brush. And perhaps even chocolate, red thread and a giant paintbrush for marking out the path ” ~ Shiloh Sophia

Color of Woman Graduation and Guild Gathering 2018, Maui Hawaii

Color of Woman 2020, Learn More: www.colorofwomantraining.com 

A message from the MUSEA Collective:


On behalf of MUSEA: Centers for Intentional Creativity, we are excited to announce that Priority Enrollment is now open for Color of Woman 2020: Intentional Creativity Teacher Certification. This will be our tenth year of offering the training!

The training begins in March 2020, and each year we open applications in advance to prepare our students for the quest of a lifetime. This is no ordinary training. The training is an invocation to a powerful circle of woman leaders who are part of a lineage of creatives going back over 80 years to the art ancestors which have informed our philosophy.

Many of you in our Intentional Creativity community know that 2020 is your year to become a Teacher. Others may be intrigued and have a desire to learn more about what happens when you CHOOSE to develop your own content using inquiry, image, language and quantum creativity.

Intentional Creativity is simply to make with intention. Whatever you do, you put your heart into the creation. All of our ancestors created this way…we are returning to this way of creating, yet with a quantum understanding of what actually happens to the one creating, the creation, and those who engage with the creation after it is crafted. We think of ourselves as the ‘intellectual intuitive creatives’ because the science behind the work we do informs how we teach.

As a part of the enrollment process we offer free inspiring educational events so that you can have an experience of Intentional Creativity for yourself. Are you ready to learn more, Sarah? Or even fill out the application? Our application is pretty cool, because Shiloh Sophia interviews you via video! Many say just filling it out is a gratifying experience to learn more about where you are on your path towards Soul Work.

Go here to participate in events + receive your invitation to apply, it is ready for you! This is for those called to teach, heal and guide others to their own inner access through creative acts with a magical wand we call the paintbrush!

Continue reading for a message from Shiloh Sophia about Color of Woman and the Intentional Creativity movement. 

Color of Woman can be taken all online, with optional gatherings being delivered in the United States, Australia, Mexico and Scandinavia. Also in 2020 there will be affordable adjunct Red Thread Circle gatherings led by collaborating Guild members all over the world, for the first time this year.

We look forward to continuing our connection along the red thread for those of you called to lead using the Intentional Creativity philosophy as a framework.

Questions? We are here to support you: sarah@musea.org

Are you called?

Do you want to create a great life working with others to overcome their blocks to self-expression?

Do you want to work with students within the context of circle and teach them the power of Intentional Creativity?

Does it excite you to imagine guiding others to awaken consciousness by choice through the practice of the arts?

When you feel into becoming an Intentional Creativity Teacher, what arises for you in heart? In body? In mind?

This is a photo recently taken at Terra Sophia, our Intentional Creativity lineage land. The Intentional Creativity Guide, 248 pages and 9 years in the making was brought home to the land where it all began….

Intentional Creativity Co-Founder, Shiloh Sophia

Today I am in Santa Cruz, celebrating the Color of Woman 2019 Students with a Graduation Ceremony, feeling so blessed to be stewarding over 60 new women into the Great Work of Intentional Creativity. It has been quite a couple of weeks + with the California fires and so my heart is on my sleeve, and what is important is clear. You are here to serve. And indeed I am.

As I thought about my opening talk, part of what came up for me is the desire to have them really grasp that they are an essential PART of something much larger than themselves…

Here are a few inquiries that arose as I began to think about how far we have come with this sacred work…

  • Is Intentional Creativity one of the largest and most resourced art movements on the planet?
  • Have we together created more images of the feminine with intention than have ever existed in connection?
  • Do we have more women teachers empowered and educated globally to bring creativity to the world than ever before?

I believe so. I think we are one of the most revolutionary art movements on the planet today….when I think of what we are doing with women, children, schools, hospitals, social work settings, therapy environments, health clinics….my tears flow. I have ALWAYS wanted to impact the systems that human beings interact with.

I was speaking to a group of students about my faith in this movement, and said: If we could see a small red circle everywhere in the world that Intentional Creativity has been practiced, we could easily be one of the largest art movements that has ever happened! Most defined art movements are defined by a very small geographic group of people and those movements are often designated by people who buy and sell that work, not named by the artists themselves. We will name this movement from within!

If we could see our impact from space, an aerial view of our students would show us to be a powerful force, the likes of which may have never happened before in the art world. I could be wrong, but the legend unfolding before us speaks to a larger impact than we can see with our eyes, we can FEEL it. We know what we know!

I started this work at the age of 23, leaving San Francisco, Art School and a high-paying corporate gig in computers. Leaving behind my high heels, hot boyfriends and girlfriends, martinis and dancing, and lattes at Café Claude, I entered the world that would become Intentional Creativity. I lived in a tiny trailer at Terra Sophia with no hot water, ran naked in the woods, studied paint, clay, pen, wood, metal, bead and sculpture with Sue Hoya Sellars and poetry and literature with my mom, Caron McCloud. Just ONE year. After that year of study, I had my first art show, featuring all that I made, and it was a sold out show.

Just one year of study can change the entire course of your life, and most graduates of Color of Woman would agree! Nothing is the same after this!

Here I am with my mentor, Sue Sellars, on that year that changed everything, the birth of Intentional Creativity when my prayers for ending violence against women and children was spoken into the clay and woven energetically.

A devoted student and educator in Intentional Creativity recently shared this with our community, Polly Paton Brown, a psychotherapist from the United Kingdom who has worked with trauma for over 20 years. When I read it to Jonathan, I sobbed. I am just so grateful, the work, works.

I am so FULL of the blessings of intentional creativity right now…have been doing the metacognitive drawing with clients…from a 6 yr old trafficked child… to adult survivors of abuse wanting to move out of their old stories…to a room full of foster givers. And the most wonderful of all this week…a 11 yr old autistic boy and his parents who found a way to communicate…he was able to use graphic illustrating to document his day and his feelings. Both parents shed tears at this gift…an open door at last into their son’s inner world. LOVE YOU!!!!

I love this picture taken recently of myself and Austin based Artist, Poet and Graphic Recorder, Katherine Torrini. Katherine graduated from Color of Woman in 2017, and now is co-leading with me in our Motherboard training. Once people graduate, they often come back to teach and lead, this year alone we brought over 40 women onto our team and created over 150k in jobs back into the graduate community. Our Intentional Creativity Guild is one of the great joys of this work. Brilliant women bringing their gifts into a seasoned constellation of wisdom.


Color of Woman 2020

Global Intentional Creativity® Teacher Certification

A 9 month Online Certification Training Founded by Shiloh Sophia in 2000

Gatherings in United States, Australia, Mexico and around the world!

Priority Enrollment is open now and we would love to receive your application!

“Musea : Intentional Creativity is a movement reporting on ourselves. We are self-directed and self-funded. My wife carries the medicine needed by the people. We have teachers who can bring this medicine to your door.” ~ Jonathan McCloud at the United Nations 

Our annual trip to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women