Dear Ones,

I am in bliss right now. I am at the beach in Santa Cruz having cafe with my love and sharing the stories with him from our graduation experience this week. I can say in all surety it was one of the best experiences of my life, and I can tell you that most of the women told me that it was for them too. A life highlight, like a marriage or a birth or getting your diploma after lots of hard work.

Every year has been incredible, this year felt like a culmination of incredible-ness. Not only do we now have over 300 women graduates, but five languages were spoken. The Color of Woman graduation is designed by the graduates, including the role they want me to have. They chose me to give them a rose blessing, and well of course that is absolute soul joy to offer them that before they dance down a chamber of women welcoming them into their future as an Intentional Creativity Teacher. At the end, they called my name and I walked through…this is that moment.

photo by Janet Lynn

There are many reasons I can give for why this felt so good – time together, painting drums, singing, laughing, dancing, celebrating, sharing meals, conversation, shared intelligence, collaborations and lifelong connections forged. Yet for me, the highlight was the moment the women walked through that ‘birth canal’ of other women holding space for her celebration. Tears poured from my eyes and Mary too, as we really got that these women felt they had truly given birth to themselves….a self initiation and they were very proud.

Many who have multiple PhD degrees said that this was a higher level commitment and experience.

Many who are shamans told me this was the most powerful training for their shamanic work than they had ever had.

Those who are therapists wondered how they could have spent so much time talking with people without having them draw.

Professors who have spent their life in higher education are ready to guide their students in painting process as a way of learning.

And, the scientists in the group talked about how creativity impacts the actual DNA and the science, creativity metaphors were off the charts.

As for me… I shared my new theory of why I have a few issues with the big bang, but this is a story for another day.

One of the other amazing things that was shared is that women felt they KNEW as soon as they saw the work of an Intentional Creativity teacher, or one of my paintings, or heard me speak – truly – the moment they entered the ‘field’ of Intentional Creativity, they knew…..

I am sending love along the path and if you feel called, our circle is here to welcome you. We talked about how we plan to grow old together, how we are only 15 years into a 100 year vision of revolutionary education and celebration. And. We talked about you, the women coming. We envisioned a circle of you, connected to our circle, along with an ancestor circle….and in the middle of all of our hearts we put the children of the future. Because we are working for them.

I am really clear on this. Intentional Creativity is one of the quickest tools to awakening consciousness we have experienced. Thousands of students agree, and over 300 women teachers are committed to using this work to wake the others. Waking others can be hard work – but we have made this waking into a celebration. If you just look at my face in the photo – you will see it…the joy in this work shared with so many powerful women.

I invite you to continue reading as I announce each graduate by name, over 60 women who completed this quest of a lifetime. It is a true honor for me to share them with you, the bright lights who carry the torch of what’s possible when you choose to say yes to your sacred assignment.

many blessings,

Santa Cruz California Graduation Celebration
NSW Australia Graduation Celebration
Online Graduation Celebration

Color of Woman 2019 Graduation Announcement from Shiloh Sophia

Join me in Celebrating our 2019 Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teachers!

Adele Goodwin Keleher

Adriana Medina

Adrianne Shtop – 2018

Amanda Jane Kent

Amber Samaya Gould

Angela Hernandez

Angie Delaplain

Anna Maria Michalski

Anne C. LaBrie

Arathena Kennedy

Aubrey Harmon

Beth Malchus Stafa

Bette Norcross Wappner

Bronwen Hall

Clare Jasmine Beloved

Clarity Henderson

Dewi Maile Lim

Dorene Stander

Dženita Delić

Elizabeth Foley – 2018

Elsie H. Chang – 2018

Ewa Gizicka-Fuks – 2018

Florance O’Neal

Ingrid Kornelia Bjørndal

Irene de Brice

Jacquie Shenton – 2018

Jo Fryer

Kathleen Mary Sullivan

Kathleen Luna Prophet

Katy Atchison

Kelly Beth Bonsall

Kelly Crandall

Kelly Thompson

Kyra G. Siebenschein 

LaDonica Payne

Lana Piercy

Laura Nancy Cruz Galicia

Lesley Dubroy

Lexanne Leonard

Linda Allen

Lisa Pranam

Marcela Monica Papetti

Margie Bettiol

Maria do Rosário Ferreira de Souza

Meg Johnson

Melanie Jane Waters-Marsh

Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Moana Mahirini Whatu

Mo Ruig

Nona McKinney

Paola Corte Franco

Patricia Iammetteo

Rebecca Leahy

Rebecca Mackeonis

Rosemary Shaw

Rosie McCarthy – 2015

Sally Holt

Sara Astarte Lippman

Sherle Stevens

Sherre Hulbert

Stephanie Brown

Sue Woodard

Susan Hubacker

Susan M. McLean

Tamara Standerfer – 2018

Tania Davey

Tara (Robyn) Taranto

Taunya Tae Taylor – 2015

Tekla Utterstrom

Tina Koyama – 2018

Wildrose (Rosemarie Magary)

Dear Greater Community,

I am delighted to bring colorful news to the world! I am ecstatic to announce the Color of Woman Graduating Class of 2019 – the NEW Intentional Creativity Teachers! YAHOOOOO!

These courageous women have journeyed together on a 9 month Vision Quest. These creative souls have been diving into the depth of their being to discover, articulate and reveal what lay hidden in their deepest soul and bring it forth in living color!

I am here in Santa Cruz, California with Graduates and Guild for our graduation celebration! We also had a graduation gathering in Australia with Intentional Creativity Teachers Jassy Watson, Lou Reed and other fabulous Guild members! The rest of our Graduates had a gathering online in the cosmos to celebrate!

Each woman created a body of work in the form of paintings and writings featuring the articulation of her own personal content and teachings. She taught classes when she was afraid, she became bold as she discovered what she already knew. Through sharing, she learned more of who she was as a teacher and a wild feminine soul. She now knows how the power of creativity can heal and transform! She has gathered others into her Red Thread Circle and will continue to do so as a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher.

She explored 5 primary archetypes to prepare herself for guiding others in transformational intentional creating. She became her own oracle, realizing what she already knew, but in a new image-informed way. She shed previous archetypes and stepped into a new one – a design of her own making! OH YA! Watch out world!

As the founder of Color of Woman : Intentional Creativity Teacher Training, I am beyond amazed at the gift of serving through this work for over 25 years and this is our 9th year to celebrate women educators. The rigor in the training connects directly with calling forth what each woman is here to cause and create. Each woman has initiated herself into the lineage of Intentional Creativity and her own creative lineage.

May these women be a ‘danger’ to the establishments they wish to transform!! May they be mighty in the creation of the curriculum of the future. May they be audacious in the creation of their work in the world of self expression. May they deepen into their primary relationships with loved ones, family and their Beloveds. May they, with all of us in our circles, bring images of wholeness, beauty, and revelation to the places that need it the most.

WE TOGETHER ARE TRANSFORMING the IMAGE and EXPERIENCE of the feminine on the earth. Starting with our own image – and calling other women to create their own images. A restoration of much sacred information that has been lost, has been brought current and forges the path to the future. We are experiencing a sacred remembrance!

Intentional Creativity is one of the mighty tools in the medicine basket that they have agreed to carry. Most of these women were already solidly on their path – but knew that their own creativity was needed to bring their work to the next place – and in that – desired to bring that creativity to the world.

When women enter COLOR of WOMAN it is a weaving of bringing all the parts that once seemed separate into wholeness. This is healing. This is action. This is now. We give thanks to our teachers and the Intentional Creativity lineage who made this possible – who went before us and forged a path where we understand what it means to ‘bow to the stone’, as Lenore Thomas Straus taught us.

Intentional Creativity Teachers are invited to join our ongoing conversation and community called the GUILD. These women teach in homes, hospitals, schools, shelters, clinics, corporate, social work settings as well as in cruise ships, at retreats, art centers, colleges and museums.

I am so proud to announce these Intentional Creativity Teachers to you and to the world! Together let us cheer them on and support their work! WOMEN’S leadership is so needed, especially as it can be guided by women who are awakened and dedicated to loving service.

How does reading this, seeing this, knowing this, make you feel? Tune into THAT. Let’s be that joy together. Here we come world!!!

With great love and gratitude, tears, and BLISS within my heart at the pleasure of your company,

~ Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan McCloud, The Color of Woman Team, MUSEA Collective and the Intentional Creativity Guild

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