Will you make a date with your Muse?

You are invited to join us for INSIGHT, a complimentary class to experience Intentional Creativity. An incredible opportunity to paint in community, especially for those considering applying for Color of Woman 2020.

Message from MUSEA : Centers for Intentional Creativity

Dear One,

As you have expressed interest in Color of Woman, we are inviting you to join us for a free 2-week community wide painting experience, INSIGHT. We begin today, November 12, with a live Zoom call to begin our journey in sisterhood. You can follow along with us inside our private classroom or go at your own pace. Even if you see this message later, you can still join us!

If you are on the fence about whether to apply this year, the best way to know whether you are meant to do and teach Intentional Creativity is by experiencing the process for yourself. We like to have FUN while we learn, and you are invited to come play, pick up that paintbrush and splash bold paint colors on the canvas!

You in? RSVP for INSIGHT.

INSIGHT includes 4 painting sessions + optional gatherings on Zoom and a Livestream with Shiloh Sophia! The class is valued at $197 and we are offering this experience complimentary to our community.

Here is Shiloh Sophia’s INSIGHT painting, Off the Map. This class was offered in 2018, and if you joined us then you likely know how totally cosmic the experience was. This is a template you can do again and again to see what emerges. What new INSIGHT and POSSIBILITY will your Muse reveal about your life at this time?

Color of Woman graduates are able to teach this process to your own students!

If you wish to apply for Color of Woman now, here’s the link.

We hope you will join us in the land of the muse and consider inviting your friends to join you. Simply send your friends to www.insightexperience.org.

With true joy,

from the Musea Collective with Artist Shiloh Sophia

This project is made possible through the generosity of the Intentional Creativity Foundation and MUSEA, providing free education to thousands of women around the world.