I don’t know if it is possible to awaken by choice. Yet I know there are five very sacred inquiries one can ask themselves to improve self awareness, and I would love to share them with you today! 

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Dear One,

Today I am getting ready at our MUSEA Center to teach a free Livestream Class, CALLED to AWAKEN.

Do you believe it is possible to awaken by choice?

Do you feel that you are already as conscious as you can be?

If we aren’t awake, we don’t know what choices to make. Waking up in the past has been a ‘mountain-top’ experience. We are taking awakening to the streets, to the avenues, to the backwoods and saying – if it is possible to wake up, how does it work? 

Let’s explore and experiment together with over 500 women gathered around the world. Bring paper, pen and a willingness to be surprised! There will be Intentional Creativity® drawing process to go deeper in accessing right and left brain wisdom because that’s just how we roll!

It would be great to have you attend LIVE and we will also record it for you. RSVP here for access.

Sending many blessings and love for your day,