We consider entering the training a sacred assignment, which is why in the interview process, each woman must agree that she is called. It is less about how much painting you have done or whether you are already working with clients, and more about YOUR call to this work.

As far as acknowledging this work in your work, Intentional Creativity Teachers acknowledge when they are using Intentional Creativity both with their clients and online. If it is being used, we ask you to say so. This includes on your website and or in workshops that you teach – to honor where you got the training. We have a Gentlewoman’s Agreement about honoring each person’s commitment to the training, to themselves, to their financial plan and about how to complete for certification. We will send you this Agreement prior to March 1st and ask that you acknowledge and sign.

Intentional Creativity is not therapy, although it may be therapeutic. A person enters with the idea that they will do their own work, as well as prepare to work with others. Each person must enter with the intent to teach. Coming in to do the training for any purpose other than to teach the work, is not permitted. The work being, your OWN work combined with Intentional Creativity.

Each person is responsible for the agreement they make regarding their financial arrangement upon acceptance into the training.  They must communicate with our team if there is a change. There are no refunds after enrollment. Enrolling is your agreement to take the training. This is a training, and we take enrollment very seriously, and so should those applying.

If there is a story to be told about why someone cannot complete, or cannot make an event they previously signed up for, or needs to cancel the training, your story will be reviewed on a situation by situation basis.

There are no refunds of the application fee for the interview or the training deposit, unless you are not accepted into the training.

If you have questions, please contact sarah@musea.org.