Core Faculty

Maestra and Founder: Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Lead Coach: Mary MacDonald
Course Guide: Jenafer Joy
CFO: Jonathan Lewis


Sarah Mardell – Guidance Counselor
Jeri Brady – Accounting
Leslie Nolan* – Teacher and Art Doctor

Annette Wagner* – Teacher and Art Doctor

Guest Faculty

Cat Geller* – Creator of Cosmic Smash Booking
Sue Hoya Sellars – Master Teacher and Art Matriarch
Carmen Baraka* –  Ceremony Teacher (Apache) Spirit Warrior
Kerry Lee* – Intuitive Artist and Inspirational Catalyst
Mary McCrystal* – Psychologist & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Kayleen Asbo – Mythologist, Musician, Historian and Scholar

Global Faculty

Jassy Watson* – Australia
Brunhilde Yvrande*  – France
Grace Steenberg* – Denmark

Those who have an asterisk (*) by their name are Color of Woman Graduates

Shiloh Sophia  Lewis

Maestra and Founder

DSC_2492Shiloh lives life as a great adventure! She chooses to live from unreasonable love, ceaseless acts of creativity and to serve the world through revolutionary education. As a visionary artist and teacher she has dedicated the past twenty years of her to life art as a path of healing through painting, writing and teaching intentional creativity. Through her art galleries, representing hundreds of women artists internationally, she has brought the work of exploring the feminine archetype into a methodology of personal transformation. At the core of her work is a belief that the right to self express is one of the most basic human rights – having access to what we think, feel, know, believe and want to create in our lives.

 She is the founder of global transformational educational establishments that meet online and in person including Cosmic Cowgirls University, a woman and girl owned school and publishing house, Color of Woman, A Teacher Training Certification Program and The Red Thread Nation, A Global Tribe of Creative beings.

What is love expressed? What is it to tend the language of the heart? How do I share beauty? What is compassion in action? How do I touch suffering in myself, and in others? What is a life lived as art? These are the kinds of questions I ask myself every day. I am in a continual inquiry about who and what and how all this came to be and how we can participate in it with our very aliveness.

Painting for me is a devotional act, a spiritual practice, a prayer and a way to share my love. My creations are the bountiful harvest from a life lived in service to Beauty and the Divine. I feel like a tree whose branches offer fruits and flowers to the sky – that must be because they do not belong to me. My creations are both my offering and my overflow.

When I create with inquiry and intention, I am able to open a door to the sacred space between worlds. That is where I paint from – straddling spirit and matter, un-manifest and manifest, broken dreams and dreams fulfilled, suffering and healing. It is here that I find I can synchronize my own heartbeat with that of the world. Where I am in some small way one with all that is, even just for a few moments.

I have long had a sense that almost every painting I make is for someone else – or created for some sacred space. While I am painting it I think of that nameless person – and ideas come to me. Impulses I add through symbol and shape and pattern that are somehow in the magic world of art, connecting to or attending to that person’s specific need. And when people find the painting that is theirs, they often know and remark on which stroke, which symbol, which color, was clearly just for them. In this way I would say that I paint intuitively, and in many respects I am not in charge. I follow where the canvas and my muse lead me. My paintings seek to image a moment in time when all is well. A place where beauty exists and no harm exists. A moment when we feel as we wish we could more often, at peace with ourselves and the world – in love with one another and creation, and experiencing the miracle of life.

I owe deep gratitude and influence to my mentor Sue Sellars and my mother Caron McCloud who taught to believe that what I have to offer is important. Many of the artists who influenced me are a part of the symbolist movement: Mucha, Klimt, Chagall, Kahlo, Redon, Cassat, and others who hold the space of beauty and original voice and image. It has been said, and so I like to think, that my work is a part of a contemporary symbolist movement.

I experience my artist life as a privilege. I have owned art galleries for over 13 years – and represented and coached hundreds of women artists. I have authored several books, and recently published a volume of my poetry and am working on a book of fiction and sharing of my legendary life. I find so much joy and self reflection in the creative process, I cannot help but share it with others so they can honor their own divine spark through creativity. I often paint in my nightgown in the morning at my home studio in my garden which I call the Red Thread Café, where I have tea with the muse. When I paint, I feel moments of pure bliss. I think of life as a legend being written, not just a story that happens to me. And my legend is that I am an artist, that life can be art when we choose for it to be, and that life is a great adventure.

 Shiloh is a published author of over 5 books on creative expression, business as a visionary path and a book of poetry.

Her classroom, as well as her art gallery featuring Contemporary Symbolist paintings is located in Healdsburg, California. You will find her most nights in her studio having tea with the Midnight Muse and painting by the light of the moon with her husband and fellow poet, Jonathan.

Mary MacDonald Mary MacDonald

Co-Director and Lead Coach

Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not for profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her clients in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and writing. She is now working in California as a teacher, coach and consultant.



Jenafer JoyJenafer Owen (aka) Jenafer Joy

Director of Education

Brimming with the quirky enthusiasm that prompted her nom de plume, Jenafer Joy rides bareback at the center of a Creativity Revolution. Using every trick in (and out) of the book – vibrant paintings, whimsical writings, and an unwavering faith in every person’s innate genius – it is impossible to spend time in her presence and not fall in love with yourself, with the whispering of your intuition and with Jena’s heartfelt and contagious love of the muse-driven life.  Jena has been in the healing & creative arts leading solo and collaborative courses since 2003 and she is still pinching herself at the luck of being at the helm of the Cosmic Cowgirl Community as one of the three directors since 2010. With a background in both acupuncture and accounting, Jena is ridiculously suited to being a most steady and linear guide through circuitous imaginal terrain and her specialty is designing and delivering inspiring curriculum full of engaging art and deep inquiry.  Jenafer Joy lives in Mendocino County and teaches almost exclusively online, where she quite enjoys being “imaginary best friend” to hundreds of women. 

Jena joined the Color of Woman staff as a guest teacher in 2014 and will be co-director during the 2015 training, in charge of curriculum & communications.

Leslie bio pict

Leslie Nolan

Teacher and Art Doctor

Leslie Nolan is an artist by heart, designer by trade and teacher by design. As a entrepreneur and leader, Leslie’s has created The Venus Transits– Creativity Workshops for Woman©. She teaches Intentional Creativity to individuals, groups, businesses and children and is devoted to guiding and shining a light for those traveling on the path of creativity, creating a life and business that is fully expressed.

Leslie’s paintings are a visual diary; they articulate her emotions, concepts, and perceptions, using color as a source of vision and form as point of reference. Using complementary colors, creating vibrating intensities that evoke vitality. This color expression, reinforced by her graphics foundation, creates a potent marriage where color, symbol and design are vehicles for her wild internal visions. These visions contain imagery of a spiritual, allegorical nature, expressing a creative and controlling force of energy, either by means of a symbolic figure, the Divine Mother or a focal action, revealing truth on human existence. 

Her paintings elicit a response, sometimes visceral, touching on a deeper wisdom from the unconscious mind. In her work using Intentional Creativity, the talisman in her paintings is both mythical and biblical, expressing a substantive cure.

Through her own healing journey, she developed classes; The Painted Poem©, Painting the Light Body© and The Expressive Painting Workshop©. These are unique creative processes allowing for deep healing and transformation. She has been making images for years, and as an icon maker is excited and thrilling to see what her student’s gather from their unconscious mind to express themselves, images that illuminate a path to their creative purpose, like a vision quest.  It is a natural evolution to combine her creative expression, and energy healing, with mental and spiritual transformation of art and writing.

Leslie lives with her husband Ken and foster son, at ‘The Jersey Shore’. A talented household, they plan to build a pole barn studio near the vegetable garden to continue to nurture creativity in themselves and their community. or at

annette-intentional-sketching-with-bookAnnette Wagner

Teacher and Art Doctor

Who am I? I wear lots of hats: artist, intentional creativity teacher, designer, author, spirit guide, pattern walker, hi tech refuge, inventor. What I am is a creative being – someone who lives and breathes the energy of creating and is known to get just a bit crazy if she isn’t creating!

My passion is guiding people through the spaces of transformation and into a closer connection to source – into their passion and purpose in the world. I am an orthogonal thinker – one who looks at disparate threads and sees connections that are not obvious. This is why I love art doctoring which all about meeting you where you are in your process.

Using the tools of intentional creativity and pattern walking, I create containers in which people explore the ways in which the threads in their life connect and disconnect. We work together to unravel and reweave these threads to bring you into a place of balance where you can freely engage your cognitive and creative brain while accessing your heart’s desire.

Annette lives in the midst of Silicon Valley with her dancing daughter and two cats, the man of her heart and has a masters degree in Women’s Spirituality, spent 25 years in hi-tech, and has 21 patents. She continues to honor the lineage of her teachers, Shiloh Sophia and Sue Hoya Sellars, with her transformational paintings, sumi-e drawings and watercolors.

Sarah bio pictSarah Mardell

Course Guidance Counselor

Sarah Mardell is an intuitive listener, mother of 5 girls, who offers a unique and refreshing approach to supporting women who are ready and willing to go deep and experience profound transformations in their lives.  As a mother, Sarah gains a deep sense of joy and purpose through guiding women to embrace freedom and choose their own desires over the need to feel accepted and validated by modern-day standards.

Sarah’s experience lies in working with well-known coaches, authors and speakers in areas of self-love, self-worth and other realms of self-development. Through her extensive experience of working with women who are in times of transformation, growth and new realities, Sarah shares the right touch of love, compassion and empowerment to help guide you to the next leg of your journey.

As Guidance Counselor for Color of Woman, Sarah guides the students through their painting projects and timelines in a loving and gentle way.  Her goal is to help students continue moving forward through their process so they are able to complete their training on time and graduate with their class.  Students are encouraged to lean in and receive support from Sarah when they are feeling stuck or “behind”.  Her goal and intention is to serve as a guide and resource for all students.


carmen barakaCarmen Baraka

Apache Spirit Warrior

There are many paths to creator, I have walked quite a few. I believe that the more paths you walk, the better your understanding of others. I have held Native American Circles for women and girls for over 30 years. My work is about finding your core truth. Spirit Awakening through Ceremony, connecting with Ancestors and Spirit Guides and embracing Mother Earth and her messages. 

Healing hands work ~ healing through shifting energy.

My art has been pen and ink, meditative line drawing. Book: Land of ZaBaDa. One of my joys is playing drums and percussion, avant-garde, improv, world music. I believe playing music opens pathways into quantum consciousness.  My message at the end of any day is “Live your Joy”. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, We Are All Related

IMG_5218Sue Hoya Sellars

Master Teacher (In Memoriam)

Sue Hoya Sellars was born in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where she was mentored while in her early teens by renowned sculptor, Lenore Thomas Straus, and studied biological illustrating with Jan Roemhild. She attended the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. and the San Francisco Art Institute under the instruction with Wayne Tiebaugh. At age nineteen, she became the youngest person to hold the position of head illustrator for the George Vanderbilt Foundation at Stanford University. She studied anatomy at the San Francisco School of Physicians and Surgeons while illustrating with Dr. Forbes and biological engineer, Hugh Hinchcliff, and had private anatomy studies with Dr. Deborah Karish. She was an illustrator for Janet Bollow and Associates for three decades, illustrating college text books covering Anthropology, Biology, Geology, Psychology, and Sociology.

She attended the School of Electronic Art in San Francisco. Sue opened Gaia Wood studio, now Blue Heron Studio, producing illustrations and  Object D’art in porcelain and stone ware. Her work was handled by a number of galleries throughout the country, including the Color of Woman/Wisdom House Gallery since 1999. Sue defined her inspiration in terms of questions. She said: After illustrating biological structures for over 45 years, my questions shifted from “What does life do in these structures, to how did life get into these structures?”, and “Who is this consciousness that lives in here? Who is it that is even doing this wondering?”  

CaronProfile BD IMG_1299Caron McCloud

Poet and Teacher

Caron McCloud is a writer, artist, designer, teacher, and entrepreneur. She is an award winning performing poet, and has been the poetry teacher for Leading a Legendary Life, Color of Woman, and Red Madonna. She has over a dozen chap books to her credit, and a book, Rachel’s Bag, In Search of the Qabalah of Our Mothers, (with cover, illustrations and introduction by her daughter, Shiloh McCloud), which examines the radical actions of Old Testament women. She is currently in the editing process for a collection of her poetry, Neon-Cuneiform, and is completing a book on Qabalah, Living the Tree of Life. 

Now living in Port Townsend, Washington, Caron was born in Oakland, California, spent most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she had art galleries; and, in partnership with her mother, Eden McCloud, founded a women’s clothing design and manufacturing company. Experience in these businesses led to teaching and public speaking. She has a son, two daughters, three granddaughters, and five great grandsons.  



catt bio pictCatt Zelda Geller

Creator of Cosmic Smash Booking

Catt Zelda Geller – creator of Cosmic Smash Booking, a mash-up between the Color of Woman Method as designed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis and traditional art journaling, if there is even such a thing.

Catt Z was Cathlene Fishman for some time before her fiercely independent Aunt Jayne renamed her. Aunt Jayne explained Cathlene had used all her lives and was now a Catt. Catt claimed her middle name, Zelda, from a 1953 travel trailer she once owned and traveled with as Sister on the Fly #35 (the wild cowgirl glamping (glamour camping) club she fly fishes with in Montana during the summer).

Today the rock star is living her legendary self as Catt Z. She has fully walked into her artist, teacher and Croneship self. Reaching this point of self-knowledge has been terrific but intense journey. She has always loved art but had been cut off from her ability to express herself at an early age. She reclaimed her authentic self while being mentored by the Shiloh Sophia Color Of Woman intentional creativity method training in 2012.

Cut off from her ability to express herself, Catt became a highly functional addict of food, work and alcohol. In 2009, Catt started on her life of sobriety and abstinence and through the method of intentional creativity she rediscovered the joy once known from drug, sex and rock and roll. Of course, rock and roll is still on the list that gives her great joy.

Cathlene Fishman still lives on professionally as a software computer developer supporting the global manufacturing market. However, Catt Z Geller is getting more and more of her time in the sunshine these days. Catt Z loves to teach Cosmic Smash Booking on-line and in-person. She will find any excuse to fly fish anywhere in the west, play with her dogs, Molina, Brook and Dillon, hang out with her COW buddies making art, and playing rock and roll songs on her ukulele.

When she isn’t working out of her trailer as a computer developer or teaching a Cosmic Smash Book workshop, she is fly fishing the great rivers of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

kerry_leeKerry Lee

 Intuitive Artist, Transformational Catalyst

Kerry Lee uses her gifts as an intuitive artist and award winning business professional to create Custom Celebrations, Weddings and Life Ceremonies, Intentional Creativity Workshops, Mobile Painting Parties with Purpose and Corporate Team building Events, where introspection ignites innovation. 

As a transformational catalyst, she guides her clientele through a process of self-discovery, connection and metamorphosis. She teaches how intention can enhance intuition, wisdom, communication, community and joy. Her ability to hold warm, inspiring and uniquely personalized sacred space in gatherings is her genius. No experience needed as there is magic in her methods for all!  

Learn more at and read her weekly column “Creativity at Work”.

mary_mccrystalDr. Mary McCrystal

Psychologist & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Mary McCrystal is a Jungian psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in psychological and spiritual well being in her private practice in Northern California. She is a NASW clinical supervisor specializing in trauma treatment. She has over 20 years experience in bodymind healing with non-Western healing traditions and as a licensed massage therapist and instructor.

Mary is a published author of Maidens in the Red Tent and Revisioning the Feminine Through Intentional Creative Process. She is a certified Intentional Creativity® teacher and coach. Mary holds sacred space and guides people into transformational experiences through integrating psychotherapy, the healing arts, and the Intentional Creativity method.




jassyJassy Watson

Earth warrior, edge walker, dreamer & rebel at heart.

Jassy Watson is an artist with a strong sense of social responsibility. She approaches her art as a form of environmental activism with many of her works exploring ecological themes. Jassy’s paintings give voice to the earth and serve as reminders of an ancient sacred connection between humans and nature. Her images and written works have been featured in numerous exhibitions and published in a number of international journals, magazines, blogs and books. She assists with coordinating Nationwide Earth Arts projects and participates in a diverse range of regional community arts projects, including founding a grass-roots not-for-profit community organization, WWHAG – Wide Bay Women’s Healing Arts Guild.

As the creatress of Earth Circle Studios, small schools for the alternative arts, in Queensland and Melbourne, Jassy is passionate about providing space that encourages earth connection and self-expression. As a teacher and Intentional Creativity ™ Coach, guiding women and girls on sacred creative journeys designed to inspire, transform and awaken creative self and deepen connections to the earth keeps the fire in her belly burning bright. An adventurous spirit and a love of history have seen Jassy travel to many parts of the world. She teaches nationally and internationally having run retreats in Greece and upcoming in Scotland.

If she’s not in the studio you’ll find her tending her award winning organic garden or baking raspberry muffins in the kitchen with her little ones. While Jassy is passionate about many things and lives to follow her dreams and to inspire others to do the same, she also seeks to live a simple and humble life with her loves; barefoot and still wearing pyjamas at midday.

graceGrace Steenberg

Rose of the North and Northern Light Teachings

Grace is a wisdom keeper and in love with life.

I grew up in Denmark, deeply connected to the land, my people and culture of the North, rooted in the rich, nourishing soil and soft surrounding oceans.  My longing called me further North to Iceland, where I lived many years, embraced in the Clear, Mysterious and Powerful Mother Nature

All of my life, the Language of the Soul and the Fire of the Heart, have called me. Guiding me on my Path searching for the Untold Stories, the Eternal Wisdom and the Teachings flowing from the Great Mother, in all her Sacred and Natural faces.

My path has led me far. I carry the Ancient Lineage of Nature Spirituality from the Q’ero People of the Andes as Initiated Paqo (energy artist). This Beautiful Wisdom of Sacred Reciprocity (AYNI) guides me in creating Harmony and Connecting even deeper with the Powerful Wisdom, Nature Energies and People of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Greenland in the high North.

I am honoured to be part of the Lineage of Intentional Creativity. It has opened a hidden well in my heart; from it flows the Beauty and Creativity that finally lets me express who I am. It is simply wonderful and I adore sharing this precious gift and spiritual practice with others.

Today, you will find what I carry and offer to the world at the ‘Rose of The North’ and the ‘Northern Light Teachings’.

I live by the Ocean in Sealand, Denmark with my love and our Cat friends. In the light summer days I am tending the garden or enjoying nature, in the long dark cold winter days, you will find me knitting – if I am not painting away…

10609487_10206171196614456_8270611689572588828_nBrunehilde Yvrande

As a Singer, Dancer, Poet and Painter, I have explored the Artist’s ways for almost 20 years.

My Artistic Path constantly evolved with my discoveries and ah-ah’s, and became a freedom, beauty and meaning quest, a dialogue between my inner world and the outside world.

I create Art from the Re-Inhabited Body and am passionate about the relationship between dance and the act of creation.
Breathing. Being Inspired. Exhaling the shapes of my singular expression.

I have been blessed on every step of my journey, meeting extraordinary teachers and masters who gave me the keys to more freedom in my life, encouraging me to find my own voice, my inner answers and my special way to be in the world.
All of them have empowered me with my own approach of Creative Expression, playful, deep, connected and sacred.

In 2012 I worked closely with Gabrielle Roth and met Shiloh Sophia McCloud.
It took me to the greatest journey of my life as I studied and practiced even deeper my relationship to my body in movement, intention and creativity. I eventually discovered my Soul Work, and it shifted me so deeply that I created my own Branding, Compass to Freedom, which combines Intentional Creativity, Soul Inquiries and furious dancing, and explores in movement the directions of the medicine wheel, our connection to Nature and Spirits and the Alchemical Compass as taught by Shiloh.

As a certified COW Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach, Dance-therapist and shamanic practitioner , my wish is to inspire and communicate my creative flame and my joy of life through artistic freedom, and to ignite the desire to move and be moved so every single person can express her freedom and transform her life into Art.


Kayleen Asbo

A passionate scholar: a cultural historian, musician, writer and teacher who weaves myth, music, psychology, history and art with experiential learning.

A faculty member of the Pacifica Graduate Institute and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Kayleen also teaches regularly for the Osher Life Long Learning Institutes at UC Berkeley, Sonoma State University and Dominican University.  Her classes, on a wide array of topics ranging from Depth Psychology to Dante to Contemporary Classical Music, have been hailed as “inspirational,” “fascinating and compelling,” “transformational,” and “truly life changing.”

Educated at Smith College, Mills College, the San Francisco Conservatory, Pacifica Graduate Institute and the University of California, Kayleen wrote her Ph.D  dissertation on Passion and Paradox: The Myths of Mary Magdalene in Music, Art and Culture . Kayleen also holds three master’s degrees: one each in music (piano performance),  mythology and psychology. Kayleen has been a guest presenter and lecturer on the intersection of history, mythology, psychology and the arts at Oxford University in England, the Assisi Institute of Depth Psychology Conference in Italy, the Houston Jung Institute, Chartres Cathedral in France, Grace Cathedral and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. In 2016, she took on the roles as a pre-concert lecturer with the San Francisco Opera and Santa Rosa Symphony and has become a consultant in archetypal psychology, myth and ritual for Proctor and Gamble. The Creative Director and Resident Mythologist for the Mythica Foundation for Education, Contemplation and the Arts, Kayleen leads workshops and retreats throughout the country and offers a pilgrimage to sacred sites in Europe every year.